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Do You Agree With Noam Chomsky That Holocaust Denial Is Not Anti-Semitic?

"I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers or even denial of the Holocaust" - Noam Chomsky

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    when the people that got gassed were Jewish ... i think it has alot of implications ..

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    Noam Chomsky Holocaust

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    Hm, that's strange, because I seem to recall Chomsky saying something to the effect that 'even to enter into the arena of debate about whether or not the Holocaust took place is already to have lost one's humanity."

    I believe the statement you are referring to came from Chomsky's argument that if a person denies the Holocaust that person should not therefore go to prison. Furthermore, as it is important to protect the freedom of academic inquiry (even ridiculous inquiry such as denying the Holocaust) it is important to acknowledge that questioning the historical validity of a claim of genocide does not necessarily indicate a prejudice of the inquirer against the group making the claim. That is, in theory, one could have crackpot reasons for doubting the Holocaust without also being an anti-Semite. I happen to agree with that.

    However, assuming that I accept this phrase outside of its original context, and dropping everything that I know about Chomsky (who was raised Jewish, and whose father was a Hebrew school teacher), I think it's pretty obvious that denying the Holocaust usually indicates anti-Semitism.

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    Yes. The denial of a historical event such as the holocaust (I personally believe it DID happen) does not make you an anti-Semite. Chomsky is making an argument that anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, while often related, are separate subjects. Making the claim that anyone who denies the Holocaust is also an anti-Semite is faulty logic. There is overwhelming evidence that the Holocaust DID happen, yet some people continue to believe it didn't. That's not anti-Semitic, it's just stupid.

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    I guess I don't understand what your point is. The Holocaust was real, it was primarily against the Jews, and those who deny it are "probably" anti-semitic too (just logic, I think).

    I know that labeling it "anti" or not "anti" will just empower some to go off on a rant about it, but suffice it to say, given the huge number of Jews who were stuffed into those ovens (I've seen them) it is definitely a Jewish issue - and therefore, anti-semitic.

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    I think that the reason behind a particular person's holocaust denial is what determines whether or not it is an anti-semitic statement.

    But really, what other reasons would motivate a person to deny such an obvious and widely documented part of history?

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    u can deny everything but to deny millions killed in gas chambers, man, people were murdered and kids, can you get that and some kind of a professor claims with a verbal pyramids some sort of anti-Semitic theme. He's a linguist and he likes to play with words. But should you be a professor to understand that Holocaust was(unfortunately) and murders were committed and to start a useless wordplay is totally unnecessary.

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    Noam's obviously gone a bit senile in his advancing years. The people involved with Holocaust denial are Nazi-sympathizing scum, pure and simple.

    Maybe in 500 years someone who hasn't done their research properly will question the Holocaust's existence for reasons of pure ignorance, but while an orgy of evidence still exists and some of the people involved are still alive there's no excuse what so ever.

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    I am sorry that Chomsky, for whom I have great respect, has said this. I don't agree, at all. Why would anyone attempt to deny a well-documented historical event? The point is that there is an underlying motive to the attempt at denial, and that underlying motive is anti-semitism.

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    I sure hope so. Fascism is the most efficient form of government. Many people forget that Hitler actually practice what he preached, by this I mean he was not corrupted by a desire to have and maintain material wealth. But instead Hitler was resolute and passionately dedicated to his ideals. Fascism unifies purpose and galvanizes industry. I am not condoning the Nazi party by any means, but as a form of government fascism works for exponential growth. Further there may be little choice as the deficit continues to grow. I am not saying it must happen, merely that I would rather see that happen than a complete failure of the US as a world leading nation.

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    I see that one who is completely ignorant of the facts of history may deny the historicity of the holocaust without being anti-Semitic.

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