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You have to be kidding me here that Martina Hingis was just suspended from the WTA for 2 years because she?

tested positive for cocaine usage during the summer of 2007 at Wimbledon. First off, cocaine is NOT a performance enhancing drug, it's a party enhancing drug. I have done the drug, and the last thing you want to do is play sports on it. It just makes you want to do more of the drug. If anything, you would play worse, because you would be jonse-ing for more. Also, it would greatly increase your heart-rate and could cause a stroke or a heart attack when playing in the hot and humid London summer tennis event. Tennis is a joke. A 2 year ban for a first time offender for a drug that isn't even steroids or HGH, or any other performance enhancing drug. Cocaine also stays in your system for up to a month. For all we know, she could've partied the weekend before Wimbledon started, and this positive test was just due to risidual amounts still in her system. I always enjoyed watching Hingis play. And this will undoubtedly end the career of the 27 year old Swiss Miss. Is anyone else


upset at this suspension? 2 years for this. COME ON...Baseball players get like 25 or 50 games for the first steroid positive test, which is a performance enhancing drug. I know others on here have tried cocaine in their past. Can someone also attest that this IS NOT A PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUG.;_ylt=Ar_alGd6JvJC...

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    I wish I could give this question a thumbs up. Finally someone who can think logically. It's stupid. Banned for cocaine. Which retarded player can claim Hingis beat them because she was on crack?

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    Martina Hingis lied and said that she was innocent, but tests proved her wrong. It doesn't matter if it was performance enhancing or not, Cocaine is a drug and the WTA, tennis in general, wants a clean sport. This just sends a clear message to anyone out there even remotely thinking of using drugs, let alone steroids in tennis.

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    If she is really innocent, as she claims, then I would be upset. However, she has decided not to contest it, and in fact has already announced that she is again retiring. That makes me think that she is guilty if she's not even willing to try to clear her name. As for whether or not cocaine should be considered a banned substance, I believe it should, since it is after all a stimulant and an illegal narcotic. The sports world needs to stand firm on the drug issue, and there should be no exceptions made for anyone, unless it is medically necessary. Cocaine is not something that is medically necessary for Hingis or any other player to be doing.

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    Cocaine is illegal so it doesn't matter if it's performance enhancing or not. Any positive test for drugs other than medically necessary prescription drugs will result in some form of punishment.

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    People who do drugs are the joke, not tennis.

    Drugs are idiotic. The girl above is right, its illegal anyway, so she's lucky she's not in jail.

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