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Mo Williams and Kirk Hinrich for T-Mac?

I was proposed Tracy McGrady for Mo Williams and Kirk Hinrich in my fantasy basketball league. Is this a deal worth looking into? I'm participating in a 12 team head-to-head league. The categories we compete in weekly, are FG%, FT%, FT-Made, 3-PT%, 3PT-Made, Points, Offensive Rebounds, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, Turnovers, and Assist-to-Turnover Ratio. Here is my team.

Point Guards:

Mo Williams

Kirk Hinrich (shooting guard eligible)

Raymond Felton (shooting guard eligible)

Antonio Daniels

Shooting Guards:

Jamal Crawford

Raja Bell

Small Forward:

Kevin Durant (shooting guard eligible)

Power Forward:

Tim Duncan (center eligible)

Pau Gasol (center eligible)

Joe Smith


Andris Biedrins

Al Harrington (power forward eligible)

Joel Przybilla

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    My first instinct is yes, because you don't have a lot of scorers. But you will lose out in FG% and Assts and probably 3 pters. So I don't know, tough call. But I would take it with your team. (or lack of team)

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