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Martina Hingis?

Banned from Tennis for two years.

She has denied using cocaine and a quote from AP says: "The 27-year-old Hingis denied using cocaine, but the tribunal rejected suggestions there were any doubts over her sample."

Her suspension is backdated to Oct. 1. She has three weeks to contest the ruling and punishment. Think she will? I find it fishy that if she's truly not guilty, then why isn't she at least trying to clear her name during her retirement?


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    I agree, it does seem implausible that she isn't even going to try to fight the suspension if she is indeed innocent as she claims. Innocent people don't just lie down and quit.

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    I don't think she will contest the ruling, but she may issue another statement or something. (I hope she does.)

    I think I would find it difficult to contest a faulty result if I were innocent. It just takes too much energy. Look at Roger Clemens....most people think that he's guilty because of what somebody else has claimed.

    If I did something terribly bad, I hope that somebody would wait until all the facts came out before crucifying me in public.

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    Whether she took cocaine or not, it doesn't really matter because that doesn't give her the concentration to win. Players like Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova are defending Hingis. It is a mental game, and you cannot play high quality tennis if you're "high."

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    It will be good for her to clear her name which is more important as she said that she never took any cocaine. I hope her family members and friends would support her at this challenging time.

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    Funny that she also retired on the same day that the suspension started. I think she did it, people do stupid things then when they get busted, they don't own up to it half the time.

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    It doesn't really matter. Any system that requires individuals to prove their innocence is unfair. Screw the truth.

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    I've done coke, it's not a performance enhancing drug. If anything it would hinder your performance.

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