How do i get over hunger pains?

I don't want to eat.. food = calories.. calories = Brirttany.

soooo, how do I?
Update: And no smart answers.. like "eatting"
Update 2: Im not anerexic.. I just don't like eating.. even if calories made you fly.. or something. i just dont like eating.. it makes me feel bad.
Update 3: Lol I didn't mean to put =Brittany

I ment to put =fat.
Update 4: lmao your calling me anorexic.. thats funny.

lets see i weigh 105 pounds and im vary short only 4"11.

Im acually kinda overweight.

I'm just always hungry.
and i don't WANT to be.
Thanks for your support..

and for some of you.. not so much.
Update 5: and BRITTANY is 13 years old and would never try any kind of drug.. so you guys need to think before you answer. Do you HONESTLY think i asked this question to be put down? Seriously. I am looking or help and don't want to ask my mum.
Update 6: Lol I need a shrink? Wow ;P

I feel guilty for eating because there are kids in the world that CAN'T EAT! there is no food for some of them.. so why should i stuff my face when not everyone is offered the opertunity? thats greed.
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