When he woke up he saw his Donkey dead and turned to dust (just bones), why? What happened to his donkey?

How long did he sleep?


The clue to this question is in suruh

Al-Baqara second chapter in the Qur'an, i am suprised, haven't you guys reach that far yet. lol

Update 2:

No offence

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    Or hast thou not heard of the like of him (Uzayr) who passed by a town which had fallen down upon its roofs and exclaimed, 'When will Allah restore it to life after its destruction?' Then Allah caused him to die for a hundred years, then He raised him and said, 'How long hast thou remained in this state?' He answered, 'I have remained a day or part of a day.' Allah said, 'It is so but thou hast also remained in this state for a hundred years. Now look at thy food and thy drink; they have not rotted. And look at thy donkey. And We have done this that We may make thee a Sign unto men. And look at the bones, how We set them and then clothe them with flesh.' And when this became clear to him, he said, 'I know that Allah has the power to do all that He wills.' (2:259)

    Holy Quran

    Nebuchadnezzar conquered and destroyed Jerusalem. The corpses of the inhabitants were left to be eaten by the wild beasts and birds of prey. When prophet Uzayr passed by the ruins of the city, he wondered if the people whose desiccated bones were lying on the ground could ever be brought to life again so as to rebuild the devastated town? So Allah caused him and his donkey to die. After seventy years, Cyrus gave permission to rebuild Jerusalem. Within thirty years Jerusalem was an active city again. When Uzayr died, it was morning. After hundred years he was brought to life again. The sun had not yet set. "How long have you tarried?" the angel, who was sent to meet Uzayr, asked him.

    I have tarried a day, or part of a day," he replied.

    No! You have tarried a hundred years," the angel informed him. He also asked him to look at his food and drink in his bag. It was as fresh as it was a hundred years ago. He looked at his donkey. There were only its bones lying beside him. As he was looking at his donkey, its scattered bones were joined together and it stood before him, alive and breathing. The purpose of this miracle was to make prophet Uzayr an instructive example to those who either do not know how the dead will be brought to life again on the day of resurrection, or who disbelieve in Allah's warning. So when it became clear to Uzayr, he said: "I know that Allah has power over all things."

    At home he found his son, born after his departure, one hundred years old; his young maid one hundred and twenty years old, and all his grandchildren older than him. They looked at the fifty year old Uzayr and wondered. Uzayr became a living sign of Allah's omnipotence.

    W Sallam

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    He slept for such a long time that the donkey died & because of natural process & ALLAH's will his flesh was gone & bones were turned in to the dust.But With ALLAH's will the Prophet just felt like as he has slept for a night or so.If u read the whole SUrah u will know that ALLAH wanted to teach somethig to Him through this Process.

    Edit:the time period of His sleep is not mentioned

    Edit again:Sorry i was wrong as Muhammad after my reply has mentioned that it was 100 years>JAZAK ALLAH 4 telling

    Source(s): I dont remember the whole thing exactly (May Allah Forgives if i made any mistake)but have tried to give the answer for yor question
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    when i first saw this i was like whats donkey lol, i have lost it


  • what donkey?whose donkey?

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    ya lebnany ur obsessed with donkeys mate!! ya hmar!!

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