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Cook vs. Chappelle marathon comedy battle?

What's your take on Cook being on stage longer than Richard Pryor's 2hrs+ (only to have that record shattered by Dave Chappelle this passed December -- who certainly does have the time, these days... I'd imagine... ONLY to have that record taken back by Dane Cook again with a 7 hour+ stand-up performance (!!) at the same LA nightclub (that's quipping it's gonna change to a bed & breakfast, soon). I have to tell you, I thought you actually had to be FUNNY to do stand-up... and I for one, couldn't sit through 7 hours of Dane Cook even if he is sending out for pizzas during the show... what's your reaction to this comedy?

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    I would rather gouge out my eyeballs then watch Dane Cook for 7+ hours. He is horrible. I like Dave Chapelle but I don't think he would be funny after a couple of hours.

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    I can't believe Dane Cook managed to stretch his 3 only funny jokes into a 7 hour set...he is horrible, but I give him credit for pulling this one off.

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