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Was Charlemagne a gifted child?

I have to do a project on smart and gifted people important to history. I want to do Charlemagne but I dont know if he was gifted. Charlemagne conquered Europe in the medival times.

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    "Charlemagne did not receive proper education as a child, which attributed to his life-long battle with illiteracy."


    He was a gifted warrior but was not an intellectual wonder.

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    I believe much of what Charlemagne knew was self-taught including Latin. He was always considered talented and strong.

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    He was a brilliant general and had a good understanding of how to lead people, but I don't think there's any evidence to call him gifted as a child. I know that he was illiterate most of his life, and taught himself to read as an adult.

    (Have you considered Mozart and John Stuart Mill?)

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    Alexander the Great was considered a brilliant general, as was Stonewall Jackson, if you're interested in a military figure.

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