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Dog adoption?

My mom wants to give my dog away for adoption... he is about 12 years old, siberian husky. Do adoption agencies take dogs at that age? Where can we give him?

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    They may help you find a place for him check with the rescues at your local petsmart.

    Why now at 12? Seems pretty shitty to do now.

    PS I think I am finished with one of mine too. Maybe Ill just get rid of him. GET REAL!! What trouble can he be causing at 12??

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    Contrary to what some people on here believe and write - an old dog has very little chance of being adopted.

    Kill shelters hold dogs for a few days, if they are not claimed or adopted, they are euthanized - even young dogs don't make it many times, a 12 year old large dog would have almost no chance.

    Rescues may take an old dog if they have a place, but again, it is very unusual for anyone to adopt him - I have 2 old dogs that I fostered and kept, for the simple reason that there were no good adoptive homes that applied for them.

    It is incredibly cruel to dump a 12 year old dog, whatever your mother's problem with keeping him, please try to help her work out the issues so that your dog can remain with the family he knows for the last few years of his life. Huskies do not live all that long, and he is old already for his breed - please try to get your mother to see that it would be a real cruelty and shame to dump your dog at his age. When she gets old, she will not want to be abandoned by her family, neither does your dog - she really should be teaching you that, but maybe you can teach her.

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    Yes. Rescues take senior dogs all the time. This is the ones that typically break the hearts of volunteer rescuers. They are great dogs who've lived lives with one owner, then for some reason, they are no longer wanted. Rescues rarely turn a dog away because of age. They will turn one away because of aggression or if they are just too full, but that's about it.

    You need to go here:


    And talk to the siberian rescue nearest you. Even if they seem far away, they would probably be very interested in meeting your dog and rescuing him.

    Agreed that many senior dogs never get adopted, but if they go into a good rescue program, they will enter foster homes and be loved until they die. If you put a senior dog in a shelter, it is hghly likely it will be put down.

    Source(s): Lab Rescue Volunteer
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    Unless you know the adoption agency has "A NO KILL" policy don't do it. Some of these agencies will put your dog down if it isn't taken in so many Days. I have been looking to adopt, but their price was too high and they said the dog only had 1 day left. I said "wouldn't you rather lower their price than destroy the dog and they said NO."

    I Belong to Best Friends in Utah that is one I believe the biggest organizations to save animals. CHeck with them out bestfriends.org

    if you can't find a good agency in your town.

    I have a had A Husky, he was the love of my life I could never have gotten rid of him

    I feel for you. They are loving dogs

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    Why on earth do you want to give your 12 year old dog away? After 12 years of loyal service to your family, she just wants to give him away? Does she have no heart or is something going on? You can take him to an animal shelter, but VERY few people are looking to adopt a 12 year old large breed dog. Good possibility that he would end up being put to sleep. I HATE it when I see stories like yours. A 12 year old dog dropped off b/c his family didn't want him anymore. That's really sad and flat out ridiculous. What has this dog done to your family to deserve that?

  • Leslie
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    I agree with many of you who posted, it is horrible to get rid of a dog that age. The life span a Huskey is probably not more than 14 years or so. I know that is about what it is for a Lab. The dog would go through terrible stuff being uprooted from its family at this age. However, if the dog is being neglected, or mistreated then that is different. I just can't imagine having a dog 12 years and wanting to get rid of him. I know there are kind souls out there who may take him but what if there is no one who will are you ok with the possibility of him being put to sleep?

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    how could you give him away after 12 years that he spent with you. He's very old and I'm sure he will want to die in YOUR arms. And why would you put him on for adoption anyways? He gave 12 years of his life to you. You made a commitment to him the day you got him so do whatever it takes to keep that promise. It would make him very sad if you left him! I know it would kill my dog if I left him after all this time. I would do whatever it takes to make it work for him. They are like babies, you don't get rid of them EVER!. How can you treat him like he is nothing more than a "fur thing" and has no feelings? He loves you and it would kill him if you put him on adoption. No one wants old dogs. He will die in the shelter alone, without you, in a cage. SO sad!

  • hello
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    Jeez, it's a dog, not a refrigerator...you don't just get rid of it because it's old.

    Shelters and rescues do take senior dogs, but I'll be honest, most people want a puppy or a younger dog because an older dog can be a lot to take on with increasing health problems and vet bills so they're much less likely to be chosen.

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    Why does she suddenly want to discard your dog? She's going to have a very difficult time trying to place a dog that old. Most animal shelters wouldn't even bother to try - the dog would be put to sleep as soon as he was signed over and rescue groups have enough trouble finding homes for young animals. I love how people think animals are disposible...

    Source(s): 2 Years as a Euthanasia Technician for the Humane Society
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    You don't say where you live or why she wants to give him away? How long have you had him? Email me with your location and I will try to find a rescue that might have an opening in your area or least try to guide you thru the process although it is sometimes extremely difficult to adopt out a senior. Whatever you do...DON'T take him to a shelter...he will be euthanized. angels4siberians@hotmail.com

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    Look online for a siberian husky rescue in your area or post on craigslist. Craigslist is great and you'd be able to meet the adopting family to ensure that it's a good fit for your dog.

    www.craigslist.org then click on Pets under the Community heading.

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