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whats the funniest thing a little kid ever said to you?

whats the funniest thing a little kid ever say to you?

lol once i brought my hippopotamus key chain, then my 4y.o cousin said to me "is that a pootutus?"

lol i was like "whaat?"

yeah hippopotamus is a difficult word for 4yo girl haha

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    i said hi to a little boy in a store, and he was like "dont say hito me you ugly thing!" and then he screamed to his mom and ran off saying help me

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    We were looking at some really modern figures (in the supermarket) of all the characters that go into the Nativity scene.Baby Jesus had a cute little face but really big eyes.My 8 year old daughter who knew of drugs but not what they are said,"look at Jesus,he looks like he's on VIAGRA"

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    Took kids on an excursion on a container ship in Sydney Harbour. Walking past a door called "Sailor's Mess". Girl asked what was in there. Sailor leading us said go have a look. She went in and came out and said, "Not very messy in there at all."

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    My four year old is a country boy. He eats, sleeps, and breaths farm life and animals.....We are from TN and have somewhat of a southern a few days ago he asks to get down from the table. I said yes....he replys with "Peace up, Mom" ......I was shocked! LOL....totally unexpected.

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    I was working in a hospital and a little girl was visiting someone, i asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said 'a fisherman' i asked her what kind of fish she wanted to catch she said 'fish fingers!' (i dont kno if u have those in the US mite be called something different but in UK they are battered cod sticks) so cute!

  • 1 decade ago six year old niece says Wal-wus...instead of Walrus....she can say it when she sounds it out nice and slow...but when she says it fast, it comes out Walwus....your cousin reminded me of that.....

    The other thing she says that just makes me laugh hysterically is *udder* for other (fadder for father, mudder for mother, brudder for brother, etc)......she has all these Lil'est Pet Shop pets....and they all belong to different she'll line 'em all up and just be playing in her own little world...and its the cutest thing to hear her say *Okay, now go get your udder sister and udder brudder because its time to eat dinner*

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    One kid once asked me if f**k was a bad word...

    Almost had a heart attack at the time but it was funny when I looked back on it

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    I worked as a yard super at an elementary school. One morning during recess a ball hit me on the nose. I told the kid who threw it," No wonder it hit my nose, it's the biggest thing on my body." So the kid walks all around me, looks me up and down and then stops and looks at my behind. He then said emphatically. "Oh no it's not!".

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    My neice, who is three, was letting the water out of the tub and her mom(my sis) told her she better move her foot before it gets sucked down the drain. My neice looked up so innocently and said, "It's not f*cking!" She can't say her s's right. It was so funny.

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    It wasn't to me, but this little 5 year old once asked my brother, "If I kicked you in the penis, would it hurt?"

    I laughed so hard! She had two older brothers so thats probably where she picked the word up, but it was so funny!

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