How to get percocet?

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I am trying to get my doc to refill my percocet and he hasn't caled me back. Now it's th e weekend and his office is closed and I don't want to look like a freaking junkie more
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leave a call with his message service and tell them this (that you called during regular hours and need a refill) It could be something as simple as he didnt get the message.
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  • rkeech answered 6 years ago
    Percocet is a Schedule II controlled substance and prescriptions for Schedule II medications cannot legally be filled or refilled by telephone. Federal law requires a new prescription for Percocet each time you get more of it.

    So if you need more Percocet, you need to make an appointment with your physician. He might prefer to be able to call in a refill, but that's just not permitted, not anywhere in the United States.


    I'm a physician and medical director of a hospice. I am thoroughly familiar with the federal narcotics regulations as well as those of the state in which I practice.
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  • mdduff answered 6 years ago
    I can't answer for your physician as to why she or he didn't respond to your message. Many things can get in the way of efficient communication. Many ER's have a policy that they will not refill any prescriptions for chronic medications. That is up to each ER.

    If your physician has a habit of not returning your messages, address it with him/her. Find out why. If you are satisfied, it would be best to find an different office that can address your needs.


    ER Physician
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  • Dance answered 6 years ago
    Most offices have telephone consult policies. My DR has 72 hrs to get back with me. Most people don't call for refill on meds until it they are out and then it's an emergency for them but not to the DR. take responsibility, if the policy is 72 hrs then make sure you have 72 hrs worth of med when you call for a refill.
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