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Renting vs Buying?

Whats your opinion about renting against buying of games,movies, and etc.?


To Someone23:

But it shouldnt take you like that long to finish it. For a life time = $60

Rent for 1 week = Atleast

around $10

Not enough to finish in 1 week?

2 weeks = $20

Well your right it may depend on how busy you are. But that would basically ruin the whole point because if your busy you waste your money on buying the game and even renting it.

$60 life time minus $20 to finish it and have time for extras. You save 'bout $40 dollars atleast.

Update 2:

What if you were to buy a game though but then you like finish it within a week or 2. And now you arn't playing it anymore and its like under your bed or hiding from you. You just wasted money when you could of just rented it knowing that you have to return it and you can save money right? or wrong?

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    Renting is good, although the newest games are usually expensive rents that only last for 1-3 nights before you have to re-rent. Your choice is also limited to what the store has available. Rentable games are often old and used, however if you want to play them you'd rent them anyway, since nobody buys the old games when you can rent it and finish in a week.

    Also, if you buy a game and finish it, sell it. Ebay works but you have to sell for considerably less than for what you bought it i.e store price 100$ ~ used and on ebay 50$. Renting is cheaper, but some people just can't be bothered with the hassle and some games are 10$ a night rather than 10$ a week if they're in the top range.

    End result: Rent it. Hopping between games keeps you interested, and if you like something, re-rent it. If you don't like it, thank god you didn't buy it.

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    Wait a minute, you cannot figure out what the total of 5 years of rent at $1,100 per month? That is 60 months, so $66,000. Forget about what you would spend, you need to understand that you would build equity in the condo, which you could then sell for a profit. Why pay into something and get nothing back if you can build your own equity instead. For reference. At 5% on a 5 year mortgage for $55,000 (based on a down payment of $5,000) you would get $1,100 payments monthly. Then, in 5 years, rather than have nothing, you would own this condo.

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    Renting is stupid you get like a ******* week to play the game dont even get to really play it that long cause ur life is busy and you got other thing's to do then you have to return it. and that cost like 5-10 $ which is stupid or you can go and spend 50$ on a real awsome game that's your play the ******* **** out of it enjoy it when ever the **** you want and then sell it or pawn it somwhere for like 30-40 $ now you tell me your opinion on renting and buying movies or games.

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    Dont rent a game buy it.

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