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soft drinks problem

WHen we shake a can of soft drink, the liquid inside will burst out after we open the can. Is there a way to make the gas to burst out instead of with the liquid? Why people hit the top of the can with thier finger(s) repeatingly when they face the problem? Is it another method or the only method? Can you explain why?


I mean, when u shake the can of soft drink, CO2 will form from the bicarbonate solution then increases the air pressure inside the can. After opening the can, more CO2 will be formed because the air pressure decreases.

Update 2:

This is my observation, people use the tip of their fingers to hit the outside of the can before opening. They say that it would help the gas come out but instead the gas itself. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY!!!

Update 3:

Thank you!!

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    first you should know what is the problem of gases brusting out from the can

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    in any soft drinks it contains carbon dioxide. the gas you mentioned that is carbon dioxide. when we shake a can of soft drink, the carbon dioxide comes out from the liquid. at the same time, carbon dioxide goes back into the liquid again. if you have to drink the shaked soft drink immediatly.

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    you need to let the carbon dioxide to go back into the liquid. people hit the top of the can with their fingers or row them repeatingly is the methods people usually use to increase the rate of disloving of carbon dioxide. i hope i can help you

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