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Anonymous asked in 電腦與網際網路程式設計 · 1 decade ago

疑問 - 如何使用C寫一個猜英文單字的遊戲?



然後26個字母 去猜一個單子~~~

不過要寫程一個遊戲 我覺得好難阿


1.The computer randomly selects an English word from a list of at least 10 English words.

2.The computer randomly exposes some characters of an English word of the lenght n. At least 1 character is exposed and at maximum n - 1 character.

3.The player guesses character by character until the word is solved or the 8 times of wrong guesses is exceeded.

4.Each time a correct character is guessed the character is exposed.

5.They player can decide to continue to play or not.


1.To get the string length, use the strlen function.

2.To compare two strings, use the strcmp function.

3.To count the number of strings, refer to the following code:

main() {

char *words[] = {"computer", "information", "engineering", "programming"};

char guess[30];

int i, n = sizeof(words)/sizeof(char *);

printf("List of string: ");

for (i = 0; i < n; i++) printf("%s ", words[i]);

i = rand() % n;

printf("\nEnter your guess : ");

scanf("%s", guess);

printf("Your guess is \"%s\".\n", guess);

printf("Computer selects \"%s\".\n", words[i]);

if (strcmp(guess, words[i])) printf("Your guess is wrong.\n");

else printf("Your guess is correct.\n");


A possible session could look like as follows:

The word to guess: -a--c

Your guess => o

The word to guess: -a--c

Your guess => m

The word to guess: ma--c

Your guess => l

The word to guess: ma--c

Your guess => g

The word to guess: mag-c

Your guess => i

Correct! The word is magic.


Continue (Y/N)? Y

The word to guess: wo--e-



You guessed wrong more than 8 times. The word is wonder.


Continue (Y/N)? N



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    示範程式 與 示範執行 差好多喔!


    #include <conio.h>

    #include <ctype.h>

    #include <stdio.h>

    #include <stdlib.h>

    #include <string.h>

    #include <time.h>

    #define MAX 32

    #define MAXG 8 // Maximun guessing times

    int main()

    { char *words[] = {"computer", "information", "engineering", "programming",

    "test", "about", "an", "IBM", "Microsoft", "Visual", "Studio" },



    int g, i, l, m, n = sizeof(words)/sizeof(*words), w;

    srand((unsigned) time(NULL));


    { w = rand() % n;

    strcpy(word, words[w]);

    l = (int) strlen(word);


    { for (m=i=0; i<l; i++)

    if (rand() > 3*(RAND_MAX>>2))

    word[i] = '-', m++;

    } while (!m); // no character is gone

    if (m == l) // all the characters are gone

    continue; // choice a new word because this word maybe bad!

    for (g=0; word[g]!='-'; g++);

    for (i=MAXG; i && m; i--)

    { printf("The word to guess: %s\nEnter your guess: ", word);

    printf("%c\n", ch = (char) getch());

    if (ch == words[w][g])

    { word[g] = ch, m--;

    for (; word[g]!='-'; g++);

    } }

    if (strcmp(word, words[w]))

    printf("You guess more than %d times.\nThe word is %s.", MAXG, words[w]);


    printf("Your guess is correct!");

    printf("\n=================================\nAgain? (Y/N)\b\b\b\b");

    } while (toupper(getchar()) != 'N') ;


    return 0;



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