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What is the solution of ETHNIC CLEANSING?

What should be done?

What is not been done?

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    What is the solution of ETHNIC CLEANSING? 種族滅絕的解決方式是甚麼?

    What should be done? 甚麼是人類應該做的?

    What has not been done? 甚麼是尚未做過的?

    For the first question, the UN should send the peace troops to settle down the military conflicts. Those who took responsibility of the massacre should be prosecuted, and people should be educated that ethnic cleaning is a crime and should never occurred again.

    For the second question, in the past, many tyrants or dictators have gotten away with their bloody deeds. The defeated ethnics could do nothing but flee to other countries and became refugees. It's a pity that the UN has done nothing to stop these horrible wrongdoings.

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