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    Every one gets the bad mood, of course for me. However, I am not that kind of person of hurting self or other people for bad mood; I will do some thing make me feel good when I got the bad mood. I list few things which I must do for help me feel better during the bad mood as below.

    First, if the reason of my bad mood is because my job which I struggled to bear the stress till the limit, I always get myself a break for shopping, watch movie, or do some field trip. Sometimes, I am so want to get rid of my job, and I will ask a week of time off from company for travel abroad. I will travel to those countries where don’t need to spend a lot of money, and I can get rest for those shopping country. For me, some country of South East Asia made me feel more like vocation and release my pressure.

    Second, when I got bad mood which is because emotional, I always crying. In fact, I am a cry baby, even I looks tough and emulous. However I am weak at emotional part, no mater friendship or companionship. When I got hurt, I will choose to stay in my room or somewhere I can be a lone for crying. Or go to KTV to shout loud and drink more to comfort my mood. I can always forget the bad mood and be a happy girl to start a new day.

    Finally, I always have bad mood course working stress or emotional, and my ways of solution are have trip, crying, singing, or drinking. No matter what I do, the point is that I won't keep myself affection by the event of course me bad mood. This is why I can always forget those unhappy things soon.

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