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is the ps3 good?

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    The PS3 isn't good it's Great. All these other answers are from xbox fans and have no idea what they are talking about.

    If you really want to know the answer to you question then read this and decide for yourself.........

    *Reliability- The PS3 has a .2% defect rate, the Xbox 360 has a 33% failure rate.

    *Cell Processor- The cell processor in a PS3 is an extremely powerful micro processor built of 8 processors (SPE's) and one PPE. This processor is built for extreme amounts of processing and is very useful for multi tasking through artificial intelligence, physics, lighting navigation, etc- The xbox 360 has a 3 core processor, which is strong in general processing, albeit not the best for video games.

    *RSX GPU- The PS3's RSX is a powerful GPU which is specialized to work with the cell processor to render DX10 like graphics by pooling it's RAM.- The xbox 360's GPU can only handle DX-9, while is good in the graphics department, though not the best.

    *Blu Ray- PS3 has the next generation disc medium which can store up to 50GB (100GB in experimental models) The extra space allows game developers to make large responsive environments, complex artificial intelegance, HD video and audio, etc. without compression.- The xbox 360 only uses DVD for games, which can only hold 9GB, which results in short games, aka Halo 3, Bioshock, and gears of war.

    *Other operating systems- The ps3 can get different operating systems installed, such as Linux, allowing it to be an alternative computer, and you can install many diferent programs.- The xbox 360 cannot do this

    *Web browser- The ps3 has a decent web browser, which you can go to many different web sites with, it does have basic flash updates, but it does need to be improved upon, including in java, though this can be fixed easily via a firmware upgrade. Many popular sites like myspace and youtube are accessable though.- the xbox 360 doesn't have one

    *Folding@home- With this program which can be downloaded to any PS3 easily, you can use your PS3's extra processing power while you're not using it for Cancer research by folding and analyzing proteins.

    *The PS3 has a Interchangeable hard drive- This pretty much means you can change the size of your hard drive with any hard drive so you can store more things.- you have to buy an expensive MS HDD for the 360

    *PS3 Has Built in wifi- Wifi lets you connect to the internet wirelessly- With the xbox 360 you have to buy a wifi adapter for $100, this comes standard in the PS3.

    *PS3 Has Free Online- the xbox 360 costs $50 per year

    *Playstation Home- Playstation home is an interactive community of ps3 users where you can play games or meet up with friends and hang out at your virtual home and hang outs, as well as stream live media(releasing in early 08 and is FREE)

    * PS3 Games- For now good games include; Heavenly Sword, Resistance Fall of Man, Rainbow Six Vegas, Folklore, warhawk, lair, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Call of Duty 4 Uncharted:Drakes Fortune, Motorstorm, Eye of Judgment etc. Good upcoming games are Haze, LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Yakuza 3, White Knight Story, Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear online, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Afrika, Time Crisis 4, Tekken 6, Socom: Confrontation, L.A. Noire, Motorstorm 2, InFamous, Killzone 2, Kurayami, Way of the Samurai 3, etc. Over 300 games will be released by next spring.

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    I have both a PS3 and a xbox 360, but personally, i prefer the Xbox 360. One thing is the Xbox Live, which i think is the main thing why the 360 is better. also, they are basically the same thing, but the PS3 has a built in blue-ray player, but all the other features are basically the same. I am not saying the PS3 is

    bad-its still really good-I am just saying i prefer the 360

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    The only thing wrong with xbox live is that you have to pay. I have a ps3 and chose to get one instead of an xbox 360 for xmas

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    Xbox 360 is better. Xbox Live is the best online gaming service in the world with games like Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Madden 08, Nba 2k8 and alot more. enough said. =)

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    XBox 360 is better everything is so real its like a movie.....PS3 is ok but not as good.

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    i really dont think it is that great compared to the 360. basicaly the only difference between ps2 and ps3 is the inhanced graffixs

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    gets better every update but i still like my xbox 360 better

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    yes blue ray drive 80gb 40gb 60gb usb flash card reader online

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    YES GOT 250GB on mine and it does not void the warranty.. Sony begs you to do it and they show you in the manual...

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