Yo blonde momma is crazy for facts?

Does anybody have some good yo momma or blonde jokes or crazy facts? Here are a few for you if you have any just post them in your answer.

"3 girls one brunette one red head and one blonde walked into the execution room to be shot for commiting murder, The red head walked in, the men said "READY AIM" and the red head said "TORNADO" The men dropped there guns and ran off the next one went in the men said "READY AIM" and the brunette said "TIDAL WAVE!" They dropped there guns and ran the last girl went in and the men said "READY AIM" And the blonde said "FIRE!"

yo mmma is so white that in winter she has to wear dark colours so you dont lose her

yo momma is so black that when she went to night school they counted her absent

yo momma is so dislekzik she misspelled dyslexic

Americans spend almost 6 months of the year waiting at traffic lights

the 5 most common used words are "Like, the, cool, um, and oh."

Have a good day, Luv Jennifer ^_^

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    Yo mom is so dumb she stole a free sample.

    Yo mom is so fat she eats all day.

    Yo mom is so ugly she went to a plastic surgeon and he commit suicide.

    Yo mom is so annoying she pissed herself off.

    Yo mom is so fat when you poke her with a needle she goes PSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    Yo mama is so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on the bathroom scale.

    Yo Mama is like a bus, she's big she doesn't smell very good and it's only a dollar to ride.

    Yo Mama is so fat, if she buys a fur coat, a species will be extinct.

    Yo' Mama is so stupid, she bought a video tape on how to fix your VCR!

    Yo mama's so dumb, she stuck the phone up her *** and thought she was makin' a booty call.

    Yo mama's underwear is so full of holes that every time she farts they whistle.

    Yo Mama is so fat, the highway patrol made her wear ''Caution! Wide Turns!''

    Yo mama is so hairy that she has to part the hair on her butt in order to go to the bathroom.

    Yo mama is so stupid, she has a glass door with a peep hole.

    Yo mama is so stupid, she traded in her car for gas money.

    Yo' mama is so fat you have to grease the door frame and hold a twinkie on the other side just to get her through.

    Yo mama's so poor she can't afford to pay attention.

    Yo' Mama is so old, when I told her to act her age she died.

    Your mama is so fat, that she uses the refrigerator for her lunch box.

    Your mama is so fat, a bus drove by and she said, ''Stop that Twinkie!''

    Yo' mama is so poor, she has to chase down the garbage truck with a shopping list!

    Yo mama's so fat, she wore an X-Files T-shirt and a helicopter landed on her.

    Yo mama so fat, that she walked in front of the TV when 60 minutes was starting... and those watching it missed half of the show....

    Yo mama so fat, that when she farts, Home Land Security locks down the area and tests for WMD's...

    Yo mama so ugly that if Cheney ever invited her to go shooting with him, he would shoot HIMSELF in the face...

    Yo mama so fat that the Japanese whaling fleet has been stalking her for years...

    Yo mama so fat..... well, because she is YO mama! If I had a kid like you, I'd eat to forget as well!

    Yo mama so insane that she voted for Bush... TWICE!

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    So true about the traffic lights.

    I spend a lot of time in front of them.

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    ok here goes

    ur mom so dumb, she stuck a battery up her butt and said, I GOT THE POWER!!!

    Your mama so fat, she jumped in the ocean and sang

    we are family (eh eh eh) Even though yo bigga than me

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    Why can't a Blonde make ice cubes?

    She doesn't know the recipe'.

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    Nice joke,I should say.Thanks

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    hahah stars for u but i can only give u one....nice!

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    nice jokes!

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