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how to fix windows movie maker??

I'm having trouble with my Windows Movie Maker. Everytime I start it up, a message pops up saying that it needs to close. I always debug and it does nothing. Does anybody know what I can do to fix this?

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    Windows Movie Maker is crap software. CNET gave it a 1 star rating because it constantly closes out for no reason. There is no way to fix it. It's just a bad program.

    Check out Adobe Premiere, Ulead or Sony Vegas. You can download a free trial of any of these products.

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    first off your going to want to throw your windows PC out the window. [the name pretty much gives away that step!]

    seriously, if you want reliability and software that works go with a Mac. I dont work for them, i dont have stock in them, i jsut LOVE them. i am a college student and a Community Access TV producer, and my Mac's have never let me down.

    I can sense that you are a student working on a project, or maybe just trying to put together a family video? [no offense, but thats about all Movie Maker could possibly do, even though it wont do either well] Mac's come with a program called iMovie, its free, none of that "Windows" trial crap [i know movie maker is no trial, shoot, im surprised they can give that crap away]

    The program is great and everything a novice will need to impress the crap out of family or professors.

    i know your probably not going to run out and buy a $1,500+ Mac, but seriously consider a trip to the Apple store to try one out.

    hope this helps in the long run,


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    WMM sucks ***. Get a new program like Ulead Studios or something.

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