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what is a bureacracy?

What is th def.

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    Bureaucracy is the structure and set of regulations in place to control activity, usually in large organizations and government. It is characterized by standardized procedure (rule-following), formal division of responsibility, hierarchy, and impersonal relationships. In practice the interpretation and execution of policy can lead to informal influence.

    Bureaucracy is a concept in sociology and political science referring to the way that the administrative execution and enforcement of legal rules are socially organized. Four structural concepts are central to any definition of bureaucracy: a well-defined division of administrative labor among persons and offices, a personnel system with consistent patterns of recruitment and stable linear careers, a hierarchy among offices, such that the authority and status are differentially distributed among actors, and formal and informal networks that connect organizational actors to one another through flows of information and patterns of cooperation.

    Examples of everyday bureaucracies include governments, armed forces, corporations, hospitals, courts, ministries and schools.

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    You mean bureaucracy? [sorry, just checking. not sure if there is a bureacracy, or just a mis-type]

    answers all your problems dealing with definitons. =D

    Well, most of them. It only gives the basic definition.

    But kuki's answer is probably all you'll need =D

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