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Seat-belts for MOTORCYCLES?

How come you can ride a motorcycle, with your body just basically balancing on it, While in a car you must wear a seatbelt that holds you down?

If I have a motorcycle endorsement on my driver's license, While driving shouldn't I be allowed to optionally wear a seatbelt,(just as in some areas I can optionally wear a motorcycle helmet when riding my motorcycle)???

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    Seatbelts, on motorcycles, are not a required safety feature, for this reason:

    Seatbelts were designed for automobiles, to prevent the passenger(s) from striking the windshield or being thrown from a vehicle, in an auto crash.

    Seatbelts, on a motorcycle, could be more of a safety hazard, than a safety feature. more cyclist have been saved, by being thrown from a motorcycle, rather had they been seatbelted. in most all cases, the bike goes one direction, the cyclist, the other.

    Airbags, would not work, simply because of the above stated answers. there is no cabin, on a motorcycle, like in an automobile.

    Motorcyclists and auto drivers both have to share the road together. its sometimes difficult to see a motorcycle, especially on the interstate system. this is where defensive driving plays a major part in safety, for both vehicles.

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    You actually would want to wear a seatbelt while riding a motorcycle? Because in a car, severe injuries occur just from the human body impacting the inside of the vehicle (steering wheel, dashboard, windshield) and from ejection from the vehicle. You wouldn't necessarily want to be physically attached to a motorcycle in case of an accident. You want to separate from the bike rather than go with it.

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    A motorcycle is more harm to be strapped to it. The bike can fall on you and crush you and dangling like a monkey on a flying bike is not a good Yu-Yu either. On a car is different since you are protected from colliding in the inside like a little ball on the rattle. A motorcycle you are way more vulnerable than a car, so chances are to be harmed less by dumping the bike. Since you weight less you will slowdown faster than the bike. If you hit a brick wall, who cares, you will be splatter with or without a seat belt.

    Wrapped yourself on bubble wrap, you might soften the landing a bit :-))

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    I road bikes for years and i pass my bike test in the 1970 and the powers that be at that time was thinking of a lap seat belt but

    thank god it never came to law the last thing you wont to be is strap on to a bike that going to fall off. You have moor road deaths and it was a good law on motorcycle helmet

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    A seat belt in a car offers you the protection of being, safely strapped withing the car's frame and not sent flying out to strike and other objects.

    A seat belt on a bike would offer the rider no protection, at all, since he would still be exposed and vulnerable. Your motorcycle endorsement offers you no protection in a car, therefore, no exception to seat belt laws.

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    A seat belt on a m/c would be useless. Think about it for a minute. If you are strapped to the thing and hit something, your body weight is going to cause it to become airborne, flipping over and over until you crash into a pole or another car.

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    If you're willing to pay the ticket you'll get go ahead. By the way that optional helmet here in Texas also gives the state of Texas the option to unplug your life support if it's going to be costing the taxpayers. That was the cost of getting the state to approve your no helmet requirement.

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    Would you want to be strapped into a flying bike?? Dont think so. If you are going to crash on a bike the key is to get away from it not stay with it. If it lands on you your done. If you dump it your gonna get a burn from hell and no way to get away from it. Cant tuck and roll. But i think car seat belts should be optional. I wear mine but i dont see how they can tell you you have to wear one. I see what your saying about car seat belts but a seat belt on a bike is just plain old stupid and crazy. Cant wait to see the answers on this.

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    Thanks for the laugh!

    At the present time wearing a seat belt is still optional for me.

    Wearing a helmet is also an option.

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