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Has anyone here tried to fill their empty printer cartridges at those ink-refill stations in Manila?

I'm planning on bringing 4 empty Canon printer cartridges to be refilled in Manila on my visit. I was checking out the website of "Ink-for-Less" and it seems like a good deal.

How is the quality of the ink? Does it get sticky and prints poorly after the refill? How much is it?

How about colored ink? Do they fill those too?

Trivia: Original printer-ink (HP, Canon, Lexmark) is more expensive per ml. than any other liquid for sale, even the most expensive champagne, perfume or concentrated rocket fuel.

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    it works. not as good as the original in terms of smudging and drying, but hey it works and you get cheaper prints.

    I have an HP and have used refilled ink for it, specially for term papers. With the printer price almost free nowadays, I would just use refilled ink and if my print head gives up, then replace the printer. The printer prices is lower than one black ink cartridge. So the math works.

    So far I have not wrecked my HP printer. and I am still using refilled ink.

    Some word of caution though, if you have not refilled the cartridge yourself yet, have the folks at the shop do it for you. the caveat though is you only use the cartridge once. I have not been able to reuse it more than that.

    Go save yourself some peso for a starbucks coffee...

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    The Canon printer that I have uses one color cartridge and one black cartridge. When I inquired if an ink refiller can load ink the color cartridge, I was told that they have to drill three holes in the cartridge, load the ink then reseal the holes.

    My Canon color cartridge has three compartments, each one containing a different basic color. To refill each compartment, they will load around 6 ml of color ink. The total capacity of the cartridge is 18 ml ( that's 3 basic color at 6 ml each ). Refill cost is 300 pesos.

    Just sharing an experience.

    My suggestions :

    1. Sell your empty Canon ink cartridges.

    2. Buy an EPSON printer and install a continuous ink

    supply system.

    Have a nice day !

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    I have been refilling my empty printer cartridges for quite some time with Ink-For-Less until I discovered a much cheaper and economical way of having it refilled. Go to CDRking, they carry all brands of ink refills in small bottles and you can do the refills yourself. Ink-for-less is fine however, they are only good for a month specially when I have lots to print whereas the bottles last for several months. Unfortunately, saving on ink by having refills was not a good move on my part because it eventually damaged my printer. The roller would jam and there were bits of dried ink sticking on it. My son advised me to buy another printer. Sometimes it is not good to scrimp and be a miser. Sometimes it pays to be extravagant specially when it comes to maintaining your things or valuables. This is a lesson learned and a pretty good one that will last me a lifetime.

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    I've tried it,I'm using canon ip1300,tried twice on my black ink and once only for the I had to replaced my printer because it made my roller cracked and starting to pulvorized.I can not use my printer anymore and now I just replaced it.I will never try to refill my ink again,although its a lot cheaper,but in the long run it destroys your printer.

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    Ink refills in Manila or Cebu City are all right. Ihave tried refills forHp Printers and they worked right.Just allow enough time for the prints to get dry before touching them.

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    The quality is not as good as the original ink but it will work if you are not that particular about the quality of the prints.

    Yes they also refill colored inks.

    They also fill laser toner cartiges.

    Nice food for thought at the end there.

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    yes. and i just wasted money. buy an Epson Printer instead (cartridge price range from 250 - 350 pesos) its much cheaper than Ink Refilling stations.

    ***not familiar with the Printer model. but thats the one im using.

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    The quality of the Ink is excellent, you can't even tell the difference unless I tell you so. Nope, it doesn't get sticky, and it prints well. It's 250 for the black ink, and 300 for the colored ink, it depends. And by the way, I suggest you get the bottomless Ink, I saved a bundle by doing that, short term sacrifice, long term gain, it costs 3-5k.

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    the quality is not as good as the original but to me it works just fine. i really do not see the rationale why ink cartridges make up a bigger portion of the cost of the printer. for a few hundred pesos more you could get a brand new set of printer.

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    Don't even try it. It will just damage your printer. Trust me, im a victim. Instead, you can sell your empty cartridges to them and save the money to buy new cartridges.

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