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Visa Waiver-Canada?

I'm from London, just wondering whether the Visa Wavier Programme could be used as entry into Canada?

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    Canada don't belong to USA duh

    BTW i think Brits don't need visa to enter Canada!

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    yes UK citizens can enter Canada under the Visa waiver program. You are eligible to VISIT here for up to 6 months.

    You CANNOT work or study unless you apply for a work permit or a study permit.

    You may need to show proof of ties to UK, (proof that you WILL return to UK after your visit) and proof of money because you will need to support yourself. If you need health insurance, you'll need to buy it here in Canada (there are some places with travellers insurance but I dont know where).

    You will not be eligible for the Canadian health system. If you should fall ill, you will be treated, but then you will be billed.

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