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Is the movie "I am Legend" any good?

I am planning on going to see it, should i? is it scary?

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    The graphics were ammmazing, and the filmography was ammazing, the music = brilliant... but the acually story line didn't follow the book at all, and made me very depressed... so out of 5 stars i give it 3.

    Will Smith was ammmazing, but it is really sad and depressing....

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    If you liked Resident Evil kind of movies, with action and FX, then you are gonna like it. But be warned that most of the movie Will is waking around not doing very much unlike "Resident Evil" or "28 days later"; here most of the real action is on the last 15 minutes.

    But if you like more drama and a better script, then watch the original "Omega Man" from '71 (I'm legend it's a remake of Omega Man) In Omega Man the story is better explained and makes more sense.

    I'm Legend it's fun to watch and you probably won't be sorry, I have a good time, but must admit it let me down and that Omega Man was better crafted and Cult Classic. I don't see I'm legend becoming a classic since the story contradict the original movies and the book, and the ending was too rushed.

    This movie would have been great if they had done a carbon copy from the previous one and having a more talented director on it. It's never a good idea to try to change the story in the remakes when the original was a hit.

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    I thought it was very well done. Will Smith has something that keeps your attention so he can carry off being by himself most of the film.

    Some people have had problems with the "religious" connotations and how much it differed from the book. But, if you make it as depressing as the book, you'd probably not have much of an audience and you had to finish the movie in a way that made Smith's character into a legend... and the movie's end is certainly one way to do it. I had no problem with the way it ended.

    I'd give it a 7.8 out of 10.

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    I liked it. Depends on what you mean by scary - like, Friday the 13th scary? Not enough to matter. Like, nuclear bombs are scary? Kind of, yes.

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    as long as you have never read the book...i saw it before i read the book...thought it was great. then i went and read the book yesterday and i was kinda disapointed the movie didnt stay true to the orignal story...but it was still a good movie.

    It has some parts that made me jump(mostly just cuz it was dark and im kinda a wimp lol)

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    Yes...very good. Sad and scary at the same time. Suspenceful.

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    not really...there are a couple scary parts. overall its an ok movie..could of been better though

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    this movie is no way near to be called "good" sucks....will smith's acting was definitely awesome..but there are a lot of plotholes in the movie....and there is nothing really much happening in the me!

    Source(s): watched on theater..and regretted !
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    I haven't watched it, but I heard that it is a very good movie.

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    i didn;t see it but i love scary moives and i heard it was good so i really want to see it:D

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