what it happening on passions??

i havent seen in since it switched!! i cant get direct TV cuz i live in an apartment, and i am not going to pay 20 dollars a month for the internet thing cuz i dont really go on the net...... what has been going on? just the basics????????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well as you may know gwen and ethan now share a son, named jonathon. Gwen and rebecca are now using that child so gwen can get ethan back. they are blackmailing pilar, because of a huge secret they found on JTs USB Stick, saying Pilar is responsible for kiling her best friends husband, and children about 20 years ago (Pilar says it was an accident). Her best friend in Mexico dosent know where pilar is living, but is now determined to find out, so she can kill pilar and her entire family! Gwen and rebecca are threatening pilar to keep theresa away from ethan, and keeping little ethans true paternity a secret, or they will tell the woman in mexico where she lives, and whole lopez-fitzgerald family would be killed!!!

    Sheridan/fancy & luis are still in a mess, but now alistair has returned Marty home, who they thought was dead for along time, but for a reason. Alistair wants sheridan to use marty to get luis back.

    Miguel and endora were missing for along time, but now are returned.. and miguel finds out kay & tabitha are witches.

    and ever since september, everyone Esme has gone out with has been killed, about 5 people so far, including fox. she decided to stop going out with anyone....until she got an idea to go out with alistair crane, to kill him on purpose..and that night alistair is stabbed!!!

    hope this helps the update,, sorry its long, but alot has happened.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you have myspace add this girl http://www.myspace.com/passionsidol she puts a update on everyday. I love her!!!

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