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Can conflict be managed? If so how do you manage conflict?

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    To be able to manage a conflict, we need to know and understand what a conflict is. A conflict appears when there are two or more conditions being opposed and the situation needs a decision to choose one of these. It might be that these different conditions are manifested in the outside and then there is the condition of the person who needs to make the decision. The discrepancy between the inside and outside condition creates the conflict. If one is aware about ones own condition that means ones conditioning, then this would be the best and basic step to manage ones conflict, but as this conditioning mostly is unconscious, so this makes it difficult. What causes the conflict is ones self-image and the established concepts, from there are caused the conditioning and on this background decisions are made. The conflict is that the outside conditions are too often not in favor with ones self-image and concepts and this is felt as an obstacle one needs to fight or one must try to avoid. If this is not possible, then one might be forced to change ones self-image or ones concepts and this will be a serious conflict, because once established, the individual is not easily willing to change something about it.

    The best way to manage a conflict without doubt is to solve the conflict. How? By trying to check the outside conditions in the most objective way possible and then to be aware of ones own condition, checking if a change might be indicated.

    Conflict can be seen as positive, because it gives us the opportunity to grow... With a positive attitude we can use our energy in a more efficient way to manage and solve our conflicts.


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    Conflict must be managed. To ignore a conflict is to doom those involved. Conflict can only be managed with wisdom, understanding and teaching. Consider that 100 years ago there were so many dividers of our cultures and now with the Internet our globe is ever so much more accessible. By learning, sharing and not letting "old wives tales" jade the truth conflict can not only be managed it may even be able to be resolved.

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    Keeping your voicesoft and quiet.Don't interupt. Ask when you want to speak. You DON"T have to prove you are right.

    Which would you rather be: RIGHT or AT PEACE?

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