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Hindi to English translation. 10 Points for best translation!?

I need a translation for Main teri dushman song. I have the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOFogcZIT4I

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&feature=related but the lyrics are shorter. Sorry if the spelling is wrong but i got from a website. Thanks in advance.

Main teri dushman dushman tu mera (main nagan tu safera)

janam janam se tera mera bair o rabba khair

aaj ka badala main bas lungi chhed naa mujhako main das lungi

jantar mantar jadu tone ye to mere khel khilone

Mujhapar chalega naa jor tera

chhed ke apani bean kaa lehra

tune bithaya mujhapar pehara

basame nahi main anewali main nahi dhokha khanewali

aya hai jogi banake lutera

sabaki juba par meri kahani mera dasa hua mange na pani

tera tamasha sab dekhenge kya hota hai aab dekhenge

dekhega tu na kal ka savera


PS i cut the lyrics short because it repeats some of the sentences so i saw no point

Update 2:

Btw poeples im not english/american or whatever so save your comments :-P I'm mexican. Get it right peeps :P

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    I am your enemy, and you are mine (I’m a snake SAFERA)

    Through Life times theres you ans me, oh god

    I am your enemy and you are mine (im a snake you are SAFERA)

    I will take todays revenge, don’t touch me, I will sting you

    This is not any magical thing, but this is my playful thing

    Don’t force me, I will do it myself (im a snake you’re a SAFERA)

    Your tease and the angle I’ll strike, you put on me before anything

    Stop doing this, im not going to be deceived

    Here comes a Jogi being a painful thing (im a smake you’re a safera)

    On everyones lips, there is my story, there is no thrist to my sting

    Everyone will see your foolishness, everyone will see what will happen

    You will see tomorrows story (im a snake you’re a SAFARA)

    Through Life times theres you ans me, oh god

    I am your enemy and you are mine (im a snake you are SAFERA)

    it took a long time, but i think i got it! lolz it waz hard, plz i need the 10 points! :))))!

    hope i helped~~~! SORRY! I DONT KNOW WHAT SAFARA IS! ;(

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  • Safera means "Snake Charmer"

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    1 decade ago

    How did your last slave died ?

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