I want a job but i didnt finish high school and cant find my papers either?

i need a job as soon as possible or a school to finish.How will they accept me without my papers.Am 19.Do I have a future????

My parents dont have enough money either.

What job oppurtunity will i ever get?????

Please help

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    1 decade ago
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    What papers?

    If you mean school records, they probably have them at the last school you went to. I assume they could provide them in English.

    If you mean immigration papers, you don't have much to look forward to I'm afraid.

    You can always get a GED if in the U.S.

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    Yes, you have a future. It is all what you make of it. Look for a job that highlights the skills you already have. This way you will start on a note of success. Do the best you can at this job and learn as much as you can. This will probably not be the job of a lifetime, but use it for what it is, a learning experience.

    As you gain new skills, move on to opportunities that will teach you more.

    If you can read, write, and comprehend, don't worry about not having finished school. You may find somewhere down the road that you want to finish. If so, great. If not, don't worry about it. I have yet, in my 52 years had anyone check to see if I finished high school.

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    Some of my most successful friends did finish high school but not college. The answer to your question is WORK ETHICS. A wise employer will hire a young guy with family and good values THAN a college grad without family and never come to work on time.

    It doesn't matter where you start or what you do. Start working. Walk into any place that you want to work and ask. As simple as that.

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    check with your local high school for GED program to start off after that you should look for a job trainging program in a career feild you think you'll like and the posibility of financial aid for the program to help you get through. Many tech schools offer not only financial aid support but also job placement programs. You can still have a future

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    I don't know where you live, but in the USA, you can take a test (and there's a class to prepare you for the test) called the GRE. If you can pass this test, it is assumed that you have knowledge enough to graduate high school. From there, you can get a job as a high school graduate, or you can go to college.

    There are a lot of menial labor jobs available--if you don't mind working hard. Even without a GED. But then, I don't know know where you are.

    TX Mom USA

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    What papers are you talking about?

    If I were you, I'd definitely go back to high school or, failing that, get your GED. The odds of a good future without a high school degree are a lot lower than with.

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    Swallow your pride and get back in to school. Go back to the one you went to, get updated 'papers' and get your GED.

    Without it...no college, no military, nothing over minimum wage, no family,.....no life worth living.

    You may as well get a vasectomy, 'cause if you get any woman pregnant, how are you going to even get assistance, without and education. Use a condom, don't let your libido get in the way of your future. Once you settle down, you'll get everything you have EARNED.

    Without education, there is no pride, and very very very few make it on zero education. Those days are long long gone.

    Good luck.


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    Without a valuable skill you have a dim future, first go back to your H.S. and get your records and get a second set of (Sealed) records and make a appointment to talk to a community college councilor.

    If you want fast money then join the Military.

    You can not have both, sorry.

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    what kind of papers?

    yeah, you have a future. a lot of people don't finish high school, and you can get a ged when you feel more settled. don't worry--your life isn't over--you're just taking a slightly unusual path.

    look at job listings on craigslist.org in your area.

    if a listing says they want someone with a high school diploma and you want the job contact them anyway and explain your situation. you're articulate and smart, that's what they're really looking for.

  • People i know that are sorta like you go into nursing homes to work as care workers, the rate of pay £6- £10 pounds an hour, you should really get your papers sorted though maybe go down the one stop shop of your local council and ask there.

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    If possible, try and get back into the educational scheme. It's never too late and you can get your qualifications. I've left high school but I plan to go to College and retake five of my GCSE's and then take A level the next year.

    I'll be a year behind but it's better than going back to school in my eyes.

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