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What are the ten biggest misconceptions surrounding Affairs of State in the US My list, in no particular order

1) Saudi Arabia, not Iran, is the largest financial supporter of insurgents in Iraq. They are funding the Sunnis. Iran and most of the Middle East is on the Shiite side.

2) Al Rajhi Bank, a Saudi bank was never punished for funneling money before and after September 11, 2001 to Al Qaeda. They continue to be the largest pipe line of funds to that group(s).

3) The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 gave the President power to deploy the National Guard as an internal police force. This means that in a national emergency, which the President alone may arbitrarily declare, the National Guard can be used within the borders of the US as a fighting force.

4) The Military Commosions Act of 2006 allows the President to declare any citizen of the US, natural born or other, as an "...Enemy Combatant" and held without trial for up to three years. This bill describes a right of appeal however this was stripped in 2007 when Habeas Corpus was crippled.


5) Contrary to GOP talking points, Habeas Corpus IS explictly spelled out in the Constitution between the first and sixth amendments.

6) The domestic wiretapping program, that was supposed to target only terrorists actually targets every single American and Foreign National using telecom in the US. It is why the telecom companies demanded they be granted immunity by Congress.

7) The tax breaks of 2003 are actually tax deferments and were always known to be such. Except for capital gains, all refunds have been wiped out by increasing expenses (taxes) elsewhere.

8) Americans pay more money for less Internet bandwidth than all other major industrialized countires. all other countries enjoy 3 to 30 times the network speed.

9) There is still 1.2 trillion dollars in undeclared sub-prime losses. We'll hear about the next round shortly.

10) This is your fault.

Update 2:

Your list? Bueller?

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    Thanks for sharing!! and I agree with the first one.

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