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Pooks asked in TravelUnited StatesChicago · 1 decade ago

from Chicago (Midway Airport)?

what is the best plan for economy travel (round trip) from Chicago(Midway Airport) to LosAngeles (LAX) for 2 adults...(non-stop)...I do not have a clue...thanks for your help...

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    Southwest is my favourite in the US.

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    I would try Priceline first. They have an option where you can "name your own price" (yeah, just like the stupid William Shatner commercials), but it actually works. You might have to nudge your price up a few times but it will be about the lowest among the discount airline ticket companies. For instance, you can start at $200 for a round trip ticket. If that doesn't get it, nudge it up to $220, and so on. You can get a pretty good deal that way.

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    I would definitely try southwest - they are great flying out of Midway, also you could try priceline, I've had really great luck with them lately. Sometimes you can get better deals going out of O'hare though, so I'm not sure if that is an option for you or not.

    However Midway cancels less flights than o'hare - which is important especially with all this freezing cold weather!

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    Try one of the travel search engines, like Kayak.com. However, Southwest does not participate with Kayak.

    Also, go the Southwest.com and sign up for Ding and their weekly specials. If you can fly at a moments notice, you can get great deals.

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    Travelocity or orbitz.com, maybe also cheaptickets.com.

    I've flown out of Midway before and it was toooooo scary! The flight was delayed because of snow and fog ( lovely combination) and when we took off the pilot said" We need 200 ft of visibility for takeoff, I think I have that." YOU THINK?? Remember your taking off over Lake Michigan!! It was a horendous flight ( to Phoenix) Check out flight's from O'Hare also!

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    have you tried southwest?, I would try that or look at cheapflights.com, expedia.com, travelocity.com, hotwire.com, hope this helps or at least give you a start.

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    I need this info too.

    Thanks for asking this question

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