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Who would you take Derek Jeter or jose reyes?

Me personally, I would take Jeter and I believe that if Jose Reyes played on the royals no one would Notice him. Jeter is on track to break the all-time hit record and he is so clutch, one year he batted .384, won ROY. He also won 4 championships by the time reyes' in his career. Those of you that say "look who he had around him!" You are wrong, there are three HOF, Clemens, Rivera, Jeter. Listen would you rather take David Wright or Scott Brosius (wright DUH!), Moses Alou or Rickey Ledee (Alou Duh!) Beltran or Williams (Beltran Duh!) Castillo or Knoughbalch (Castillo Duh!) Delagado or Tino (Either way)

Posada Or LoDuca(posada) O'Neil or Greene (either way) Mets Bench or any other Bench in the Majors (mets)

Thats is just my opinion what do you think?

P.S. Reyes had to play second in the Beginning of his career and was sent back down to the minors b/c he played so poorly.

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    without a doubt jeter...what has reyes done with the mets? dont get me wrong i think reyes is a great player but he doesn't compare to jeter. jeter continues to lead his team each year, and will continue to do so for more than likely 6-8 years. jeter is the kind of guy that any team would be happy to have. he is a smart player who always knows the situation. he may not be as quick as reyes but he does steal bases and is an excellent base runner. never affraid to hit the other way and get the single to rally his team(which he is the captain of). he has a .314 postseason batting average 17 homeruns 48 rbi's and more postseason hits than ANYBODY EVER! the yanks have been to the playoffs every year since he joined the team and in the 119 games he has played in october...he has hit in 108 of them. like a said reyes is great, but jeter is amazing, a living legend to say the least

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    DO you want an answer or just a forum to promote your views?

    Jeter would be my choice for next year, but REyes has a better future due to Jeter's age. Reyes is on the upside, while Jeter will start to slide in the coming years.

    What makes Jeter special is the intangible stuff. He is just a winner. He is clutch. He is money. He makes everyone around him more relaxed and focused.

    Reyes has more raw talent -- there really isn't much debate about that. He is quicker. He is faster. But he is too high strung and emotional. That can work for you or against you, and it was a big reason the Mets collapsed last year.

    When things went bad Reyes wasn't a calming force in the clubhouse like Jeter would have been.

    You are in the minority trying to argue that Jeter doesn't have better talent around him. The Yankees basically field an entire starting lineup of players that have played in an all-star game. The Mets can't boast that,

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    Okay, all of this is to say you think Jeter is better than Reyes. Both are really good. Right now Reyes is in his active years and Jeter is aging a bit. Today I'd choose Reyes. You make a point about the hits and lifetime I'd choose Jeter. We really are shaving with a sharp razor here. Both are excellent and no one would say, "Oh, shoot. I got stuck with Jeter!" Or Reyes.

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    Anyone who would take Jeter is an idiot. Jeter is by far the most overrated player in all of sports. Put Jeter on the Rays and see what he does. His play at short is average at best, his offensive skills are below average. He is surrounded by players that you don't pitch to because a HR will hurt far worse than the single Jeter will hit, which is why he has an inflated average year after year. On a team like the Rays or Royals, Jeter is a .270 hitter at best with no rings.

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    Hmm, you have provided the worst cases when discussing the people around Jeter and the best around Reyes.

    jeter would be just as noticed on the Royals as Reyes would be.

    If the Yankees had Reyes, their fans would be in love with him.

    Jeter is a very good offensive shortstop. however, both his runs and RBIs are partially a factor of having people around him.

    It's much easier to be clutch with a bunch of players on base.

    Sheffield, Williams, Matsui, Giambi, Cano, Rodriguez (who wasn't even on your list) and Posada.

    Also, Reyes was playing second, not because of him, but because of their desire to put Kaz Matsui at SS

    However, obviously you want an argument for Jeter.

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    If it was 1998 I would have said Jeter but it's not, the year is 2008. In 2008 you would be a fool to take a much older and quickly aging Jeter. Reyes doesn't have alot of power but he has more at this stage than Jeter, he has more range than Jeter, he has a stronger arm than Jeter, he steals more bases and he is 9 years younger than Jeter.

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    If you're asking would I take Jeter or Reyes from this point forward if I were starting a team, the answer has to be Reyes. If I was looking to win a title next year, I'd pick Jeter.

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    i cant imagine anyway you could take jeter over reyes, if jeter played for the royals noone would notice him either

    reyes is faster, more exciting, he can get to more balls, steal more bases, and totally change the complexion of a game, jeter cant do that

    jeter is pretty good, ill give him that, and he probably has a little more power, but when reyes gets on base he totally changes a game, just like any other speedster does

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    Derek Jeter is a proven commodity. He is well on his way to the 3000 hit club. A lifetime batting average of .318. The captain of the greatest sports franchise in the world. 10 division titles, 6 American League Pennants, 4 World Series Championships. A clutch hitter without comparison. A lock for the hall of fame.

    What has Reyes done???????????????

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    Derek Jeter. He played a huge role in the Yankees four World Series Championships from 1996-2000.

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    Jeter's highest seasonal batting average is .349 in 1999.

    For one season, I'd probably take Jeter. He'll be 34 for the 2008 season.

    For five seasons, I'd take Reyes. In 2008, he'll be 25, so his likely peak is coming up, and he's bound to be cheaper for some of those years.

    If I could take any one season from either one, it'd easily be Jeter's '99 campaign.

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