Easy and healthy baby food recipes?

I'm worried about my baby's diet. He is 7 months old and he's been on 2 meals a day since 6 months. I've never been told what to feed him, I've just guessed. He just has jarred porridge for breakfast and jarred baby food for dinner, along with his milk feeds and some rusks for snacks if he seems hungry.

I've heared about mothers making their own food with different vegetables, and it sounds so much healthier (and cheaper) than these jarred foods. Has anyone got any good recipes? I've never been a good at cooking so the the more simple the better! Thanks. xx


Ooo, Thankyou to all of you that answered me! Every answer is really helpfull, and it's not as complicated as I thought! xxxxxxxxx

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    I had 4 babies in 5 yrs. and of course by the time you have the 4th one you begin to feed them table food at 6 months and you never see any jars. To make my own baby food, I would prepare chicken soup or beef stew adding vegetables to both without spicy spices, once I was done with it and things cooled down I use to run in through the blender. I would fill the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze them, once they are frozen keep them in freezer bags to prevent freezer burn. When baby is hungry, take a cube of whatever and micro wave it or melt it in a pan then cool and feed baby. There it was wonderful, easy, nutritious and in expensive.

  • Most any vegetable you can just put into some water and simmer over medium to low heat until they are fork tender then puree in a food processor or blender. Once you puree them you can spoon them into ice trays, freeze, pop them out and put into a freezer bag and take out and microwave what you need, when you need it....that way you can cook a whole bag of carrots, etc and not be cooking everyday. Also, once your baby gets a little older you can leave the veggies a little chunkier to suit your baby's needs. You could also invest in a vegetable steamer which would come with instructions on how to cook the veggies, then puree, etc. Hope this helps.

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    I make my own baby food and my son is 7 months old. There's a great website you can check out.


    It has great explanations on what foods you should feed your baby, as well as advice on why to hold off on certain foods. And it has a section on exotic fruits, which is great because I want to be introduce my son to a variety of different foods. There is also a section on meats, which I find helpful as I'd rather have fresh meat for my son rather than the ickiness in the jars I see on the shelves.

    Also, the pureed foods we make ourselves can also be used in our own foods. I sometimes eat my son's butternut squash or sweet potato puree, unseasoned, and I love it!

    Also are recommendations on why steaming is the best method, but baking can be used to. Baked apples and pears taste so yummy! They come out sweeter than simply boiling/steaming and pureeing them. Try it and see!

    Most of the time it is more affordable, but if you just need a small amount of something (like prunes for constipation) it might be best to just buy a small jar. Also, fruits like apricots can be expensive and the jarred stuff is cheaper if you'd like to have your son eat those kinds of food.

    There is also a recipe box available on Amazon called the Baby Bistro Box. It has healthy tips and recipes for babies, but it also includes a little bit of olive oil. Ask your pediatrician if that's ok for your baby. I have the Baby Bistro Box (it's under $30 and I won it online) so if you would like some recipes for your baby, please let me know and I'll email them to you!

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    You don't really need recipes. You can cook any veggie and put it in a food processor or blender with a little formula or water till it's nice and smooth and feed that to your baby. You can do this with fruit or meat also. Just don't use any seasonings. I ordered a baby food processor so that we can do this when the time comes.

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    I read a book called "Super Baby Food" and it said the best way to make veggies for your baby is for a younger baby, single veggie meals are good to make sure that the child isn't allergic to each food. Each week, try a new food and go from there. Also, steaming is the way to cook to retain as many vitamins as possible...and if you want to batch cook them, use fresh veggies, steam them, blend/proccess them, and pour the food into ice cube trays and freeze. Just microwave to thaw and there you go! I've done that with all my kids, and only had to cook every month or so...depends on how much you make each time.

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    all that I do is get a bag of frozen veggies (or raw ones.. but that takes longer to peel and chop, etc). Cook them up. Throw them in a blender. To get the right texture.. use the juices that you cooked the veggies in (if you use plain water it loses some of the flavor)

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    As long as what you eat is healthy and nutritious you can blend that and give to your child. Don't add salt though.

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    i buy a bag of mixes veg and mash it up sometimes add some mash potato aswell,

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