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difference between S-S-S, S-A-S, A-S-A, A-S-S , and S-A-A?

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how do you know if a triangle is sas, asa or a-s-s or saa?

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    These are the theorems or postulates ,if I recall correctly, that will help proving two triangles congruent

    s-s-s- side side side

    If the 3 sides of a triangle is congruent to the three side of another..then the two triangles are congruent

    s-a-s- side angle side

    If 2 sides and the angle in between those two sides are congruent to the other triangle's 2 sides and angle, then the two triangles are congruent

    a-s-a - angle side angle

    If 2 angles and the side in between those two angles are congruent to the other triangle's 2 angles and side, then the two triangles are congruent

    a-s-s - angle side side

    If 2 sides and the angle NOT in between those two sides are congruent to the other triangle's 2 sides and angle, then the two triangles are congruent

    s-a-a - side angle angle

    If 2 angles and a side not in between are congruent to the other triangle's side and 2 angles, then the two triangles are congruent

    the angle in between two sides iscalled INCLUDED ANGLE

    the side in-between two angles is called INCLUDED SIDE

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    SAS is 2 sides and the included angle

    SSS is all sides of 2 triangles are equal

    ASA is 2 angles and the included side

    *** is an angle and the 2 adjacent sides

    SAA is a side and the 2 adjacent angles

    These are used in Geometry to prove 2 triangles are congruent. In all congruent triangle--CPCTE Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Equal

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    SSS means side side side, which means all three sides of one triangle are the same length of all three sides of a second triangle, the only way this is possible is if the triangles are congruent (exactly the same)

    SAS means that we know the length of two sides and the degree of the angle between them of a triangle is equal to the same thing in another triangle. This informations proves that the triangles are congruent because given the distance of 2 line segments and the angle they make there can be only one line segment length to connect the two open end points. This gives us similarity between the triangles of S-A-S-S, or S-S-S which we have proved in the previous statement proves congruency.

    ASA means Angle - Side - Angle. Given this information we have a line segment (the side) and two angles. Drawing lines from the end points of the line at the given angles can only result in the newly formed lines connecting at one point, making a unique triangle, which is, once again, congruent to the original triangle.

    A S S means Angle Side Side, or that you have the degree of an angle connected to one side, which is connected to another side of given length. This is not a proof of congruency, because the the freedom of the second side could form two different triangles as demonstrated at***.htm

    SAA Means side angle angle. Given a side, the angle it forms with the next side, and the angle it forms with the last side can only create one unique triangle. Proof can be found in trial, draw a line segment(A)... from this line segment draw another line(B) from one of its endpoints (the angle formed is angle "AB") given that the line connecting B to A ( line C ) is at a given angle of (with respect to B) "BC" there is only one possible way to create the triangle thus SAA is a proof of congruence.

    Sorry if this is messy(I'm a bit intoxicated), if you have any questions I will clear them up.

    In answer to your clarification "how do you know if a triangle is ..." You don't really. These are not descriptions of actual triangles but rather properties of the nature of triangles. For instance, SSS means that for any and all triangles, if one triangle has side lengths of (s1, s2, s3) and a second triangles also has lengths of (s1, s2, s3) then the triangles are the same exact form. Hope This Helps.

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    they're used to prove triangles are congruent

    Try to prove the triangles are either congruent by show all sides are congruent (SSS). a side, an angle, and another side (sas). angles side angle(asa). S-a-a side, angle, angle.

    The names come from the strict order the congruent parts of the triangles are found.

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    Sss Postulate Definition

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    SSS - side side side

    This is used to prove the congruence of the triangle.

    SSS is used when three sides of the triangle are equal.

    SAS - Side Angle Side

    This is used when two sides of the triangle are equal and the angle between the two sides.

    ASA -Angle Side Angle

    This is used when two angles are equal and the side btwn the agls.

    ***- Angle Side Side

    In the similar manner

    SAA - Side Angle Angle

    In the similar manner

    The chapter is CONGRUENT TRIANGLES .

    It is used to compare two triangles.

    Source(s): from............................ my BRAIN
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    it's referring to triangles when you have

    sss- side side side

    sas- side angle side

    asa - angle side angle

    as$ - angle side side

    saa - side angle angle

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    S-S-S=side side side congruency

    S-A-S=side angle side congruency

    A-S-A=angle side angle congruency

    A-S-S=angle side side congruency

    S-A-A=side angle angle congruency

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