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打工遊學Mt. Rainer雷尼爾國家公園

請問有同學曾經到過Mt. Rainer打工遊學嗎?



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    Volunteers at Mount Rainier



    A volunteer helps with exotic plant removal at Mount Rainier


    Every year, hundreds of individuals contribute their enthusiasm and skills to help the National Park Service preserve and protect its natural and cultural resources, and to serve and educate its visitors. Volunteers help in almost every area of the park, from maintaining trails to leading guided hikes. The time commitment for volunteer work varies from one-day projects to full-time work extending over months or years. Both individuals and organized groups are welcome to volunteer, and opportunities are available both for highly skilled professionals and for families with little or no experience in land management.

    Consider joining our team! Your contribution of time and energy will help us to protect the magnificent natural and cultural areas entrusted to us, and you’ll go home with a sense of pride at having participated in something worthwhile. Mount Rainier is your national park!

    Would you like to join a long-term project, working either full-time or intermittently as your schedule allows? Check out the listings on our Long-Term Volunteer Projects page.

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