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1. _________ writes the best essay will win a cash prize of NT$5,000.

(A) Whose (B) These (C) Whoever (D) Whomever

2. Jack doesn’t want a hamburger. _________ he would rather have a bowl of beef noodles.

(A) Instead, (B) Instead of, (C) Replace, (D) Substitute,

3. Jean insisted on leaving the hospital even _________.

(A) she was able to walk hard (B) though she hardly able walking

(C) is hard able to walk (D) though she was hardly able to walk

4. The plan _______ accelerates the building program, but also helps improve the living conditions of the area.

(A) not (B) both (C) not only (D) really

5. The plan not only accelerates the building program, _______ helps improve the living conditions of the area.

(A) and (B) both (C) and also (D) but also

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    1. C

    2. A

    3. D

    4. C

    5. D


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