Is CountryWide a good lender 4 100% financing w/a credit score of 682 n CA?who is a good lender?please help?

If you have got a loan with okay credit and no money down please let me know with who.


loan amount 356k in Elk Gorve, CA

I have 10k saved up.

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    There are lenders that still offer 100% programs; one of the programs that they offer is called My Community Mortgage, but you must qualify per there guidelines which is not that hard to do. Call around; Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo and other banks provide it including Countrywide with almost all brokers as well being able to provide it. Most important of all is to get a loan provided by a company that is local to you. That means make sure that you have the ability to walk in and talk to someone when and if you have to. A lot people giving advice here are also looking to give you a loan, if they are not local to you and you can’t get to them within ½ to 1 hour don’t fall for it. They say they are licensed in 50 states, what does that mean? Which state do you have to look in first if something goes wrong? KEEP IT LOCAL!

    Remember Buddha's advice:

    "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." You are the only "expert" you can trust: All brokers and money managers, newspapers, magazines, online and newsletter pundits, all television anchors, and every other special-interest guru is "selling" you something. Don't buy "it."

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    at this point, I doubt you can get 100% financing anywhere. Guidelines have changed a lot over the last 6 months. If you can't show your income, 100% financing, or even 90% is just a pipe dream. Can you even come up with a 3% down payment? That may help, depending on how much of a loan you need.

    How much are you looking to borrow?

    How much income can you document?

    Is this for a primary residence or investment property? (if it's not a primary residence, don't even bother unless you are planing to commit fraud).

    I may be able to make some suggestions, or even help you find a loan, but I'll need more info.

  • Countrywide will only do up to 95% financing now. I've heard from a Mortgage Broker that I know pretty well that as far as he knows, US Bank is the only major player that he is knows of that will still do 100% financing, albit with some tight restrictions.

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