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Why do most professional soccer players want to play in European leagues instead of in brazilian leagues?

brazil is the best at soccer but why dont players want to go play there. brazil must have good coaches to produce such a grate national team? please explain

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    There a few factors behind South American players decisions to move abroad....

    1) Money obviously, its what drives players to go professional. Why would they want to be paid in low value currencies such as the Brazilian Real or the Argentinian peso. The chance to be paid in Euro's or British Pounds proves to tempting.

    2) Violence, in South America the players are not protected. Look what happens with the kidnappings of Robinho's Mother, Ricardo Oliviera's Sister, Wilton Palacios Brother. They are not safe in the public eye in their home nations so they use football as a way to move abroad.

    3) Challenge other world players regularly. Back before the 80's when the mass exodus of South Americans hit europe, they only played in their domestic leagues. And would only face european oppositon in friendlies, National team tournaments, or international club tournamnts. The thrill to play against the 'other' best proves too tempting to avoid

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    Same happens with Argentina, which is the best league in whole America... their main talents are being exported to Europe at a very young age, where they put pressure on them... some triumph and some others sink...

    Anyway, that's how football business is treated nowadays...

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    Play for good club teams that are ranked. Play for your high school team and play very well. Play for regional select teams through th Olympic Development Program. Basically, play as much high level soccer as you can so that college coaches and pro scouts can get wind of who your are. Some players come out of high school and play and others play professionally after college.

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    Did you already saw ostrich look at mirror???? That is....

    European soccer is ridiculous... My granMother play better than Gerard, Raul, Ballack.... The pitch in Europa is the best of the world! I complain!!!! The soccer??? No!!!!!!!!

    Brazilian and Argentinian soccer are magic!!! "Raça Brasil"... Arriba Argentina... its pleasure... heart!!!!

    European soccer is MONEY$$$$$$$!!!!!! Players r worst than others!!!! Kaka, for example, was kicked off Sao PAulo 'cause he became weak! Today, he's just a propaganda boy!!! He just play like best player in Video game!!!!

    Boca Juniors lost the last challenge 'cause just could win in "la Bambonera"!!!!

    1 Question: Sao Paulo already lost for a European team with principal team??? In years, i just saw in the last year lust for Bayern Munchen with juniores (sub-20)... but i remember... last time, with principal team, we won at 5x1!!!! Remember Milan, Barça, Liverpool??? Where r these "juniores"??

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    Europe has many, many more opportunities for players to advance an gain international recognition. The EPL is one of the best leagues on the planet.

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    i presume it's about money, everything's about money. europe must of had much more money to produce great leagues and great teams, so the best players come to europe to earn lots of money and now it's become the leagues that have the best players.

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    Money and the bigger clubs are in Europe such as Barsa, Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, Arsenal,Manchester, and many others.

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    Um because Europeans have a lot of money!!

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