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Ohio unemployment Benefits - Eligible or not?

Need some help dad just got laid off after working for a company for nearly 30 years. He received 6 months of severance pay. He elected to take the 6 months of pay over a year. He is not doing anything at the present time, and he believes that he will be eligible for unemployment benefits when his severance runs out.

Would he be eligible? He has not yet filed and it has been nearly 2.5 months since his layoff.....

I read the Unemployment page and it seems to cover this but it is not completely clear, can anyone shed a little more light on this for me.

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    He needs to REREAD the paperwork he was given when he was laid off. He also needs to go talk to the folks at the unemployment. They are the ones who will know.

    In accepting the severance package, he may have waived his right to claim unemployment. Since the company wasn't required to give him anything and they actually pay the unemployment benefits (through taxes on their employees), this has been judged in court to be an acceptable condition of accepting the severance money.

    Alternately, some states will let him signup (getting the paperwork out of the way), but not let him start collecting it until the severance runs out. (Unemployment checks are based on the income you had in the previous year, so if they start immediately on a lump sum or delay until the equivalent weeks run out should work out the same.)

    If he doesn't work this year, the 3.5 months that fall in 2008 will help him to at least have some income for social security earnings purposes.

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    He should be eligible when he stops receiving his money. Actually he would have been eligible at the end of the 6 months, don't know why he stretched it out for a year.

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    You are normally eligible for unemployment is you have meet the hours requirement and lost your job for most any cause that is not misconduct. "it just is not working out" is not misconduct. You should be okay.

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