What would the insurance be on a teenage girl(16) and a 1999 ford mustang gt?

I want an estimate before I buy one.Please answer seriously.


My parents would add me on their insurance.They have usaa.

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    why would your parents lie to you?

    You are in the highest driver category, with one of the highest rated cars.... I used to sell alot of car insurance...by the time you graduate from high school you will have spent more on insurance than you spent on the car.

    More seriously though, an estimate would be about 400 a month. A quote would come from gieco, or your local independent insurance agent. They would use Progressive or Dairyland or other high risk carrier.

    If its a convertible, then even more... if you have a moving violation even more.

    buckle up, and keep you motor clean....

  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on your driving record, but probably 200+ a month. The best way is to give them a call. I've got usaa and can tell you that I joined them when I was 19 and had a Mustang GT. It still wasn't cheap, but they were about $30 cheaper than anyone else I called. For the best estimate you'll have to call them.

  • I have a friend who had a v6 mustang 1999 at 18 years of age here in Texas he paid 335.00 per month. Check with an agent for your area because the area you live in sets the rates

  • 1 decade ago

    Talk to your family agent. You might get some idea off of an on-line insurance site. But if your family has been doing business with some one, most likely they can provide as good of a deal as anyone.

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    help your self - you may verify your rates in information superhighway for example here - DEALSQUOTES.info RE coverage expenses for a 1999 ford mustang gt? i'm only thinking what the coverage value may well be for a 1999 ford mustang gt may well be for a 17 12 months previous male. i'm getting a's and b's on my checklist enjoying cards. additionally, might the coverage expenses for a 1999 ish Ford Mustang base(not gt or cobra) be decrease? thank you, Alec

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    Go get a quote at allstate.com

  • 1 decade ago

    it depends on your company. but usually it would be veeerrry high. about $1,400 for 6 months. its crazy. hoped this helps..

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