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Anonymous asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastKenya · 1 decade ago

Sister is stuck near Nairobi?

My sister is in a village near Nairobi on a mission trip and now with all the political unrest there, she's stuck. The airport she's supposed to fly out of is now a refugee camp. The food supply has been cut off and the situation there is extremely urgent. I'd like to know how to go about trying to get her out. Who should I call? What can I do to get things rolling? Help me please!

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    Candy dont sweat it. There are 42 tribes in Kenya, only two are fighting and out of 37 million Kenyans only a couple of hundred hooligans (a couple thousand at most) are causing havoc. Also they are exclusively in and around the poverty stricken slums, and in the very rural areas that border tribal lines. I know tons of people in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya who are not even worried a bit about all this because they aren't in the proximity of danger. I'm assuming your sister is an American, and probably Caucasian so she really has nothing to worry about, because she doesn't belong to the targeted tribe and on top of that shes a foreigner so she had nothing to do with our past votes. The vast majority of Kenyans want peace and this will all be done with soon and we will be back to normal.

    Extra safety mesures: if you are really worried about her, have her stay at a Christian University (NEGST, NIST, Daystar) they are usually in higher end neighborhoods and have alot of foreigners, very safe, and gated communities. Or you can have her stay at an hotel in western Nairobi. Safe higher end neighborhood, high rise gated hotel. I'm pretty sure the organization shes with has already taken care of the safety issues but you cant be too safe. All the stuff you are seeing in the news is only taking places in the poorest of poor. Its in the slum shanty towns in the outskirts of the city that cater to all the poor. They shanty towns are segrated from the rest of the city and the police have blocked any of the trouble makers from leaving the shanty towns. But I can almost guarantee you that she'll be safe.

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    What does your sister say herself about the security situation?

    It's terrible that around 300 people have been killed now, but we must keep things in perspective. Indeed, these riots are local, it's about a few thousand people doing it. TV footage are very selective. You think you see it with your own eyes, but they don't show you what happens one mile further.

    Compare it to the USA: 16,000 murders per year, some parts of New York etc. are no-gone zones even for the police, but 20 miles further it's all so peaceful and quiet. Downtown Nairobi is packed full of askaris (security guards). Every midrange and upmarket hotel has it's own gates with security guards.

    More information is at



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    Your sister should stay put and not try to move around right now. She is probably there with other missionaries, and she should stay real close to them, because when rescue comes if it comes to that, then she will be rescued with them. The worst thing she can do right now is break off, because there is a lot of looting and stuff going on. They are stopping vehicles and looking at who is in it and what business they have being in it. If your sister is Caucasian, this might put her at higher risk for injury, attack etc. because the looters will look at her and see dollar signs. She should stay close to the other missionaries. As for you, call the US embassy, and let them know exactly where your sister is, and that way if they need to evacuate, they will know exactly where to look for her.

    Source(s): PS. if you talk to her tonight, it will be Thursday in kenya, have her stay put. They are going to hold a rally today, your sister should NOT leave the place she is at. Today is not the day to try and get out. If things are quiet tomorrow, then she should try then. If you talk to her please make sure she knows in no uncertain terms that she should stay put.
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    According to today's Nairobi TV, tourists and others are leaving from Jomo Kenyatta airport with little trouble. Go to for the best coverage.

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  • onlyme
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    Try the American Embassy! If you don't know how to get in touch with them, you might call a local Congressman and maybe they can point you in the right direction!

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    This is a bit extreme, but it might be a good idea, as these people are able to land anywhere where there's an air strip.

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    do this dear, tell her to call 0720850235 and then let her tell the person who picks that Tuts sent her and let her explain to him her situation and she will get help. hope that helps you have any more questions my email is and wish u luck.

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    she's screwed

    that's why i dont help people

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