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Baby boom. Impact on Americans individual freedom...?

Baby boom. Impact on Americans individual freedom...?

Baby boom's impact on

individual freedom




Economic Prosperity, innovation


Anything would help on those topics.

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    Does the baby boom have an impact on American individual freedom? You better believe that it does!!! Right now, I am living in the aftermath of the baby boom's effect on education. Even if I had successfully finished my college education, there is no way that I can negotiate with an employer to add me to his payrolls . . . probably because there is an elderly baby boomer in a position that I would have been given. So anybody that is of generation X like me or generation Y like my two younger siblings will find joining the workforce to be of much greater difficulty. Actually, this affects society and economic prosperity as well. As for religion, that is not something that I practice at all . . .

    But yes, the American baby boom does have an impact on individual freedom. When the American baby boomers retire, there will be a huge vacuum that will have to be filled. Unfortunately, because of their lesser numbers, it will not be Generations X and Y . . . at least not in the majority. Why is that, you ask? We have immigrants entering this country with their own cultural and personal expectations -- some of them realistic and ambitious. Unfortunately, there is no filter in place for some of the immigrants whose cultural and personal practices/expectations are inimical to what the United States is all about. Even as I type this, I probably imagine that there are cliques of Spanish-speaking Hispanics out there. I am often approached as if I am expected to speak flawless Spanish and be interested in the people around me. No, sorry . . . I am not confident in my Spanish and I am of the perspective that English should be used in the US for best results. I would think that having an infirm/injured child relative who needs medical attention would be enough of an incentive to at least dabble in English. Still, I realize that I cannot control other people in this regard.

    Even as I set the issue of language aside for the moment, there is the effect on society when our social services are relied upon more heavily than their present capabilities will accommodate. We all know the story about Social Security and how it is neither social nor secure, especially when there are few solutions offered to resolve the situation that everybody can rally around to ensure that we get something out of it. I only hope that 2008 is the year that the United States gets the jolt of insight to the keister to get its act together because time is running out.

    Education, especially beyond the secondary level, is too expensive. And no, I am not talking about the purchase price here!!! What I mean is that if you live in the wrong place, your child relatives could get an education that proves worthless in the real world and is useless in a post-secondary education facility. There is much more to life than reading writing, and arithmetic . . . what about common sense to determine whether or not to buy a car/house with one loan/mortgage versus another? How about to research the candidates to decide how to cast intelligent votes and to actually CAST the vote? What about negotiating and compromising to resolve conficts and generally avoid being a pushover? What about learning how their local government works to resolve problems like bumpy streets or burned-out streetlights? How about learning how the legislature works so that they can be involved in actually analyzing, adjusting, and abolishing laws as every citizen should? What about monitoring the tax money to ensure that it is expended for altrustic public reasons rather than narcissistic personal ends?

    Offering myself as an example, I have heard stories that Dallas actually pays its workers (even the low-level ones!!!) but cannot confirm that for myself because I do not have the economic means to head to Dallas and stay there long enough to appraise the job market there. This ties in to my earlier point about not living in the right place.

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    America focus on this group of individuals because these are the ones with the most power because they are so many of them.They are at an age now that they great influence on all the above mentioned areas.Baby Boomers are at an age now that most of them Can start drawing social security benefits and this will have great impact on our government.

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