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wats the best madden08 roster for fantsy draft?


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    You want a pick...4 - 7...give or take maybe higher than 4...The first pick isn't actually the best pick. They take Ed Reed than LT...don't worry you can trade for LT if you go with a team like the Bills, Raiders, or Texans (All B+ first round picks)

    1. Brady (QB)

    2. Clements (CB)

    3. Hall, Newman (best ava. corner)(CB)

    4. Abraham (DE)

    5. Castillo (money saver) (DE)

    6. Coleman (DT)

    7. Mike Peterson (MLB)

    8. DeMarcus Ware (OLB)

    9. Marcus Washington (OLB)/Derrick Johnson

    10. Dawon Landry...or Laron...which ever is the 88. (SS)

    11. Adrian Peterson (RB)

    12. Ben Watson (TE)

    13. Madieu Williams (FS) You can always trade me

    14. Bernard Berrian (WR)

    15. Greg Jennings (WR)

    16. Jonas Jennings (T)

    17. Shane Oliviea (T)

    18. Ted Ginn JR. *trust me* (WR)

    19. Raheem Brock (DT)

    20. Jake Scott (G)

    21. Ryan Lilja (G)

    22. Jason Elam (K)

    23. Shane Lechler (P)

    24. Jeremey Newberry (C)

    25. Jerious Norwood (RB)

    26. Dwayne Bowe (WR)

    27. Leon Washington/Chris Henry (depending on how far the draft has went) (RB)


    So on and so forth...You can sign Al Wilson as a second MLB, so you don't need another one of those. Also you can trade a 3rd round pick, Darius (SS FA) and Williams for Sanders.

    I figured it a 92 overall after all the trades. Use AP, and your first and second pick to get LT. It always works.

    Good luck!!

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    just use the patriots they are better than most any team you will get if you do a fantasy draft

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    tims wrong the team with a mobile qb is the best

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