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How are Christians persecuted today here in the United States?

This is a respectful question. I just don't see any persecution so that is why I posted the question so you all can tell me where it is and how you are persecuted. How are Christians under attack? I really want to know.

I know in some countries Christians are persecuted and even put to death but I don't see that here. What I see is all religions including Christianity and pagans and muslims, Hindus etc are protected under the U.S. constitution.

I may be wrong you all may not believe you are persecuted but that is what I hear so I asked the question to learn.

Even when I was a Christian I heard others of different churches than I was claim persecution but even then I did not see it I just enjoyed the freedom we are given. As I enjoy the freedom today.


Comrad please tell me you are joking right? Happy holidays is just including everyone not excluding Christians. It is showing respect for all the holidays not just one.

Update 2:

matman big Government is a threat to us all not just Christians. the government that governs least governs best. Taxation and making laws right and left is against us all. the worst thing that ever happened to us is when our politicians stopped calling themselves representitives and started calling themselves lawmakers.

Update 3:

Nirvanagirl I agree thus the reason for the question.

Update 4:

ecterbob. I know of no one that can lose their job for being a Christian. Now saying that I do know that in some situations a persons religious convictions may be the cause of losing their job but not their religion. For example I knew a lady who was a member of a church I attended that lost her job because she refused to call a Catholic Priest Father. Her convictions to obey the bible and call no man father caused her to lose her job but Christianity as a whole is not in danger of this. she was fired for disrespecting this mans position not due to her being a Christian since Catholics also claim to be Christian. I knew another man who worked in a restaurant who was there before they started selling alcohol and he refused and lost his job so I do know people with deep convictions loose jobs sometimes but it is not because they profess Christianity.

Update 5:

CRRR Boo I agree that no one is persecuted by the government but some religions are not given the same rights by others but it is not the government. That is individuals who discriminate not the government.

Update 6:

Mephesto please be respectful. If you would could you make the same point without showing disrespect?

Update 7:

Mephesto I too have been attacked for comments wishing people a Happy Yule but still be respectful I would hate to see your answer deleted by someone who is upset over your comments. you do have a very valid point but need to rephrase it in a more respectful manner Please

Update 8:

SadieAnn this does happen and I have been on the recieving side when I was a Christian. I was made fum of insulted etc, but this was by individuals not the government. If you want to see this done often just try being a paga in some areas. Still it is not the government but individuals.

Update 9:

Good comment Nita Thanks

Update 10:

Julian would we colapse or would we find out who realy are true to their confession? When I was a Christian I used to hear sermons about how if we ever were put to death for being christians we would see who is true and who is not. Not everyon is a Polycarp. Christians know who I am talking about.

Update 11:

momo you have bought into a lie. Saying Happy holidays as I mentioned before is not persecution nor is it disrespectful to Christians the other lie is this country was not founded on Christian principals but on freedom of religion ALL RELIGION. A good many of our founding fathers were thiest or diest not necessarily Christian. Seperation of church and state is there for a reason. The government shall make no law establishing a state religion or the free excercize of such.

Update 12:

Anna P I do not see that in fact I see kids having bible studies ans such but they cannot have a teracher leading such and that is as it should be. Do kids make fun at christian sometime? I am sure they do but I have also seen Christian kids make fun of the non christian kids also but there again it is the individuals not the government.

Update 13:

Fuzzykit I agree they read about the great tribulation that must soom come to pass but fail to realize that the great persecution and the mark of the beast was all done in the first and second century with the pagans trying to wipe them out. It has altready been done and the Christian won and survived but then they started doing the persecuting to the pagans. But as far as bibl prophecy that has already been fulfilled. Could it happen again? Not too likeky not as long as the U.S and its allies stay free.

Update 14:

fl_freewheelie you too have bought into a lie. what you mentioned is not persecution at all first of all christmas is not Christian and never was meant for christian but for the pagans being forced into christianity. Second prayer in schools is allowed by anyone on a individual basis you cannot stop prayer but allowing teachers to lead kids in prayer is not right. Most Baptist would not want a Jesus only Pentecostal to lead their kids in a prayer filled with tongue speaking. There is a thing called seperation of church and state. bible verses and the ten commandments have not business on government property and in places where the city governments do allow such they also must allow Pagan, Muslim and other religions the same freedoms.

Honoring other beliefs is not persecution of Christians. There is a good arguement that is made when Christians insist on having their way then they persecute other faiths so to be fair and free no religious verses should be allowed.

Update 15:

Regina i agree Mormons are persecuted but again not by the government but by individuals. I actually feel for Mitt Romney

Update 16:

Regina try being a pagan in the bible belt. In my city we are forced so far underground it is hard to connect with others of like mind. I sometime think I am the only one out in the open

Update 17:

Thank you all for your answers. I dont; agree with everyone but I do respect your opinion thanks again. My point is yes persecution exists but whether it is against the Christian, Mormon Pagan muslim or other it is from individuals not from any government.

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    I think persecution of Christians in the United States is pretty much a figment of a mind that has been told they are going to be persucuted and so it looks for anything negative that might be considered persecution. Like being told that a person is not interested. By some one that has had it up to there, with them ...

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    Actually, even though the constitution protects freedom of religion, I think that other religions are persecuted. Chrisitanity is the largest church community in America, Judaism at a close second. Especially with what's going on in the Middle East, I think Muslims are being persecuted and being profiled in America today more so than any other religious group. You are right though in saying that you don't see Christinas being persecuted in America today. I wouldn't say that all religions are not being persecuted. There is prejudice from people and our government because of religious beliefs. But that's just my opinion.

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    Never having been to the US I can't speak from direct experience.

    However it does sound like those who suggest there is persecution of the christians - would like it to be so. Martyrdom is so engrained in the Jewish/Christian/Islamic cultures that it is almost a competition to be the most persecuted religion.

    There are bigots wherever you go, and I have no reason to believe that USA is any different. If you look closely enough you will find discrimination, or worse, in any community.

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    I feel sometimes like they are the persecutors. I am a Christian but I am also a liberal democrat. I get bombarded by emails from my republican "Christian" family with so called jokes, slams and insults. Who is attacking who? I am not advocating Christmas being done away with or Thrust in God taken off the dollar bill or under God removed from the Pledge. Why do they keep sending me this hate email? I don't try and shove my views down their throats. I think they need to first figure out who their enemy is. I think they need to open their narrow little minds and realize that there are other people who are entitled to their own points of view.

    I don't know if that answered your question, but it felt good getting that off my chest.

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    Well you're right, they aren't legally persecuted. I think that a Christian's mindset is more that some people look down at them for what they believe, which is psychological persecution. I think that a better phrase for it is generalization and stereotyping, more than likely they just use the word persecuted because their religious documentation uses it more frequently and it just sounds right to them.

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    Very good question. I feel Christians aren't directly persecuted but Christianity is. Examples are: The ending of prayer in school, or at school events such as football games or graduation. The attempt by big retail businesses at stopping their employees from saying Merry Christmas. And the demand by some organizations to have all Bible references removed from our government buildings. What I do not hear is from where all these complaints are coming. Like who is this insulting? I haven't heard anyone complain. So why are our Governments changing things? What happened to majority rules? It was this way for our parents and grandparents, so it should be good enough for us, our children and grandchildren. And anyone coming into this country that doesn't like it, is entitiled not to like it and say so. But lets not go and change something to appeas a few outsiders.

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    Well, if you're a Mormon living in the Bible Belt, it happens from time to time. But then again, the rest of the Christian world doesn't recognize Mormons as Christians anyway.......

    Or I guess you could say that since I was told I had to work on Sunday in order to keep my job even though it is considered my religious day of rest.......

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    In schools and colleges, sometimes it is difficult for a Christian group to have Bible study or conduct a meeting, even though it's not any different than any other group. Even private meetings are sometimes disallowed. THAT is persecution, and every student should be able to practice religion in school without fear of reprisal, unless that practice infringes directly on others to cause physical harm, etc.

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    You're right that here in the U.S. we do have freedom of religion that other countries do not. We are very blessed to have that and be free from the fear of death or physical hard because of it. However, the persecution is here. How about not being allowed to say "Merry Christmas" if you work in retail? It's practically politically incorrect to do so, even though the country was founded on Christian beliefs. To be honest, the only belief that is completely protected is Atheist, in that, we are becoming a society "protected" from religion instead of free to worship, regardless of your denomination. Just my two cents.

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    We do not have physical persecution, in all reality we are not persecuted. We go through some trials ( such as government trying to take religion out of everything!), but not persecution. We have it good and we should be VERY thankful for our freedom here in America

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