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Basketball games for the 360?

I own NBA Live 08, and I am having trouble being challenged. I'm playing on the highest level and still blowing out teams with the Houston Rockets. It's not like I have superstar line-up either. Graphics are great, VO is repetitive, and Dynasty is so so. Should I get NBA 2k8, and why?

BTW, my line-up includes:


Yao Ming

PJ Brown

Steve Francis


Nate Robinson


Dikembe Mutumbo

Tyrus Thomas

Shane Battier

Bonzi Wells

Luther Head

Also, I was wondering if 2k8 had throwback jerseys. Live 08 has limited jersey selection.

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    bad choice buddy.

    u shouldve got 2k8.

    the lowest level for 2k8 is as hard as the highest level for live 08.

    nba 2k8 is WAY more realistic.

    yes there is throwback jerseys.

    hope dat helped

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Kobe is better by far. He can carry a team to the playoffs and he's the second best all time besides Michael.

  • Check the AI setting under Gameplay settings and see if its deafult or atleast equal.

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