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What do you know about Norway?

Just a check to see what people know about Norway, Norwegians tend to think we're world famous, but I think most people just think we're the capitol of sweden or something like that;)


a few answers came in, and I can say this much; The vikings came from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Helsinki is the capitol of Finland, Norways capitol city is Oslo (previously called Kristiania). We have ALOT of metal bands, and yes we're tall. 6 months of night? that's true as well;)

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    I know about Norway enough to think that it's a great country to live!

    The capital of Norway is Oslo. Norway is a European monarchy situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway is not a EU member. :D

    and Norwegians are awesome at skiing, biathlon and some other winter sports

    Source(s): I like Ole Bjoerndalen
  • What's the capital of Norway? My first answer would be Helsinki, but I'm probably wrong. I get Norway mixed up with Sweden and Denmark. I know very little unfortunately. I know you're in northern Europe, and I feel I should know more, since I'm living in England. I think there's a large portion of blonde people in your part of town. I'm not even sure if the Vikings came from Norway, or Denmark or Sweden... how very bad my schooling was... lol

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    I liked The Kovenant and Mortemia but not so much for Blood Tsunami and Artch. Mortemia was amazing and The Kovenant was surprisingly good considering my thoughts on Industrial Metal after I heard Anorexia Nervosa's first album Exile My favourite Norwegian metal band is Dimmu Borgir. They are awesome and set to release a new album this year. My favourite black metal band would have to be Behemoth (Poland), even though they are considered Blackened Death Metal, they are still black metal. If not Behemoth, then Anorexia Nervosa (France). I would like to see Greece featured as I only know one Greek band: Septic Flesh.

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    Norway I think of vikings (in the past), its freaken cold, great metal bands hail from Norway, not much crime, if the longest one will spend in prison is 20 years no matter what (at least years ago was that way), norway from what i have heard is a nifty place to live

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    I know that Norway's government is socialized and is dependent on the North Sea Oil supply to keep going, it is very sparsely populated and has beautiuful firords, I think he people are quite tall compared to most other Europeans and, That's all I know

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    I visited there a couple of years ago and found the country to be extremely beautiful and the people very nice.

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    The north is beautiful, I love Nordkapp. And you have all kinds of cool prehistoric rock paintings in Alta.

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    ever made love to a norwegian ice maiden when the nights are six months long? me either.

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    They have a good source of black metal.

    You'd think i'd know more for being Norwegian.


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    I know I am terrified of Norwegian Rats.... I have Ratphobia....honestly....

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