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LSU or Ohio State?

Ok I've read about 6 different questions, the exact same as this. And I have read like 200 different answers. I have seen just as many people picking LSU as I've seen Ohio State. But about 150 of the answers, have been because they were fans of a certain team, or hated one of the teams. Honestly, I have to say, I'm a big tiger fan. I love LSU, but I'm kind of worried. LSU is a great team, but they get alot of penalties, and turnovers, which literally kill them. I think that LSU can beat OSU, because I don't think that OSU played a very tough schedule this year. But, I don't know, I mean I thought Florida would kill Michigan, but that didn't happen. So can someone give me the advantages of LSU, and of OSU, and the weaknesses of LSU and OSU. Then based on facts, not your opinions, tell me who do you think will win. I think it will be a close game. But for now... GO TIGERS!


Don't tell me I'm not a true tiger fan! I say Go Tigers because if I say geaux, everyone thinks I'm a complete idiot! So to make you happy....Geaux Tigers!!!

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    I am an OU fan. Could care less who wins this. The only reason I want LSU to win is to show Ohio State's coach big Jim that it doesn't pay to play easy teams all year long. That scheduling a harder team makes a team better.

    Also if LSU wins it will make for a very interesting off-season as far as how the BCS works. Maybe they will do something about it if we are sitting here at the end of the year with 5 different 13-2 teams.

    LSU is clearly the more battle tested team of the two. Now how much that factors in I dont know. It may be best to play an easy schedule and wait 2 months to play your big game. All signs lead to LSU winning this one though.

    LSU wins by 15....28-13 is my final pick'em.

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    You can't blame the Buckeyes for a down year in the Big 10 they have no control over those teams. They did schedule powder puffs in the non-conference. But they did beat everyone, other than a very good Illinois team in a close game. A lot I believe goes back to how high they were in the preseason rankings and how many voters didn't put the teams up where they really belonged early on. You're not going to have any complaints from Buckeye Nation, but I hate the fact that after each loss as the number 1 team LSU dropped no further than number 5 in the polls, triple overtime or not, you're number 1 and lost, all the other number 1's and 2's that lost fell further than they did.

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    Ohio State.

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    If the LSU defense that opened the season shows up.. notr even close.. if the LSU that lost to arkansas shows up.. could go either way

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  • metoo
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    Michigan fan says Ohio State...gonna love 'em until next season...they are a great team...

  • Anonymous
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    The Big 10 has clearly proven how bad they are this bowl season, and SLOW-HIO St. will not be any different. This is a two t.d. game, and a snooooozzzzz fest by the end of the third quarter.

    p.s. Great match ups this year B.C.S.

    and good luck shaking that B.S. nickname you have earned.

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    Tanner is an idiot. LSU wins easily. They have the best defensive front in the nation and they have the explosive Jacob Hester

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    Michigan fan says.. LSU... oh how I hate OHIO STATE!!!

  • J-Far
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    I think both of them are overrated. I think Georgia or USC would beat the crap out of either LSU or OSU.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ok whoever said USC, stop being stupid, numbnutz.

    LSU will win with tht SEC speed they own.

    florida and michigan hav nothing to do wit the title game.

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