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Swimming against the glass.....................?

My 2 baby red-eared sliders always swim up and down right up against the glass tank. I can't figure out why. Maybe they're fascinated by their reflections, maybe they're trying to get to the other side, maybe they're bored, I have no idea. Maybe they just haven't figured it out yet... Sometimes they get startled completely outta nowhere and swim as fast as they can against the glass... and they have plenty of room!

Why do you think turtles like to swim against the glass in the tank?


They have a big basking area. So it's not that..

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    As you said, they don't get it. Glass is not an easy concept for a tiny little turtle brain. It looks like water, so they should be able to swim through it, they think. Not very bright, but they sure are cute :-D

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    are they wild caught babies? wild caught reptiles usually don't understand the concept of glass.

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    it might be because they like land, turles need time to spend on land w/ air

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