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What records are untouchable in MLB?

For years it was said that no one would pass Ruth's single season...been done, then it was Ruth's HR total...been done. Next it was Gehrig's Iron man streak and Cobb's hits records...all done, what in you opinion is truely an untouchable record. Is it the 56 game hitting streak or that all time wins or some other record?


I like the answers so far, I like that people are not just giving the answer but stating why. I keep hearing that SB totals could never be approached again but could there not be a shift in the future away from HR hitters and back to the basics of Baseball? Could the league raise the mound again and give the pitcher back some of the control on the game that they have lost since the mound was lowered?

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    It should be noted that Ruth's home run record, both single season and a career, were more the result of the changing times and not an extraordinary feat. Bonds 73 home runs came in a season where the 'average' player hit 20.

    When Ruth hit 59, the average hitter hit 3.79. Bonds would have had to hit close to 200 home runs in 2001 to mimic Ruth's feat.

    As far as your question goes, Home run, RBI and Run records will always fluctuate. Even when Arod takes these over, he won't keep them for ever.

    Single season records that are likely in no danger would be:

    Owen Wilson's 36 triples,

    Rickey Henderson's 130 SB

    Dimaggio's 56 game hitting streak

    Hornsby's .424 batting average.

    Ruth's 457 total bases may be hard to touch, especially since Bonds' 73 HR season only netted him 411 (but he came 3rd that year to Sosa and Luis Gonzalez)

    Ruth's 177 Runs

    Chesbro's 41 wins

    Ed Walsh's 464 IP

    Chesbro's 51 GS or his 30 CG

    For a period of time, I doubt that anyone could come close to 5 year time span and a .400 average like Cobb did.

    For career,

    Wins, CG, Sho, IP, ERA are safe

    3B, 2B, BA, SB are safe.

    Ryan's K record 'could' be broken

    Rose's hit record could be broken too. Both records just require someone to start early enough and be consistant.

    Personally, I don't think Rose was a 'great' hitter at all, he may have had great seasons, but he really only hit .303 for a career and only hit singles and doubles.

    Ryan was fast and wild, which is why he has 5700K's (and 2500 BB)

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    A lot of pitching records that were set before the era of 4 and 5 man rotations are pretty much untouchable:

    - Cy Young's 511 career wins - a pitcher would have to average over 20 wins per year for 25 years; not possible in today's game

    - Cy Young's 749 complete games

    - OId Hoss Radbourne's 59 wins in 1884, or even the post-1900 record of 41 by Jack Chesbro in 1904: With 5 man rotations, no pitcher starts more than about 35 games/year, making it impossible to win that many.

    On the batting side: it's kind of boring, but the records for triples (Chief Wilson with 36 in a season, Sam Crawford with 309 in a career) are probably untouchable simply because modern ballparks are better groomed and don't have the large outfields that helped contribute to triples. Curtis Granderson's 23 triples last year were the most by anyone in over 50 years, and nobody has hit over 25 since the 1920s. On the career mark, the leading active player, Steve Finley, has only 124; the only player since the 1930s to end a career with over 150 is Stan Musial, with 177.

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    There are a few I can think of

    1. Nolan Ryan's 7 No-Hitters

    2. Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak but if someone were to break it, I would say Ichiro has a shot

    3. Cy Young's total win which I believe is 511, not 714 as someone stated

    4. Cal Ripken's consectutive game streak

    5. Can't think of the pitcher way back somewhere in the 50's I believe (pitched back to back no-hitters)

    These are only my opinions

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  • Anonymous
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    Cy Youngs total wins and Joe D's 56 consecutive games hitting streak.

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    No one will ever break DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak and no one will ever surpass Cy Young's 511 career wins. There may never be another 300 game winner in the MLB.

    I doubt anyone will ever break Rickey Henderson's stolen base record because there is only a handfull of guys that even attempt to steal bases anymore.

    Source(s): ;-)
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    The above Poster had it right..... Johnny Vandemeer's Back to back No hitters is only record in baseball history that will NEVER be repeated.... Lowest ERA, Consecutive Strikeouts, Joe D's 56 game hitting streak, Cy Youngs Wins, there are sum hard to reach records there, but ANY other record i could see being matched or surpassed... but if sumone goes out there and throws 3 straight no hitters, he woud HAVE to be tested for every performance enhancer known to man and if he were clean ild probably drop dead of shock.

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    I think there are several.

    I'd start with Cy Young's untouchables:

    511 wins

    316 losses

    749 complete games

    815 games started

    7092 hits allowed

    Others that I think are untouchable:

    Ty Cobb's .366 career batting average

    Chief Wilson's 36 triples in a season

    Barry's 232 walks in a season

    Barry's 120 intentional walks in a season

    Eddie Collins - 512 career sacrifices

    Ray Chapman - 67 sacrifices in a season

    Ed Walsh's 1.82 career ERA

    Will White pitching 680 innings in a season

    Pete Alexander and George Bradley - 16 shutouts in a season

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    Cy Youngs Wins. The rest can be broken but that one will be an average of 25 wins a year for 28 years....No Way!

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    No one is winning 42 games, hitting in 57 straight games or throwing 3 no hitters.

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    56 game hitting streak - Joe DeMaggio

    511 wins -Cy Young

    300 some losses -Cy Young

    1,400 something steals -Rickie Henderson

    262 hits in a season - Ichiro

    300 some strike out in a year (i'm not sure who)

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