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Small boobs versus Big boobs?

Could you tell me which type of boobs you prefer and why?

thank u!!

im asking this so that I can have the personal opinion of everyone because Ive got small boobs and I wanted to see what people thought of them compared to big boobs which in my opinion are more sexy!!

so this means that I dont like my boobs becuase they are small if you get what I mean!! ¬.¬


Health buff why is my question ridiculous if I may ask?

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  • Maria
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    1 decade ago
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    Mine are small and im 24 year old and yes sometimes i feel down and wish i had bigger ones but most of the time NO .. im getting older and so are my friends .. some of them got married and some have babies and some started to breast feed and i tell u their breasts look like "granny breasts" and they look older than their age

    plus .. having small breasts make u look slim unlike big ones that make a person look like a cow and like she gained weight

    trust me .. u might hate ur boobs now but when you're older thanks to gravity+ alot of sex+ birth control pills + pregnancy + breast feeding + age .. you'll be greatful and you'll always look slim and fit and you're gonna love them more

    i even asked men about their opinion about breasts .. most of them answered that they like "looking" at them and they're more of "butt" people than breasts .. the bottom half of the body matters the most to men than the top half

    i can go forever but i guess i should stop now cuz you're probably getting bored reading my long answer lol

    so which boobs do i prefer ? my small A-cup bunnies :)

    • Grace4 years agoReport

      Um, your comment about bigger boobs was just unnecessary... and i'm pretty sure you can't speak for men saying that "They prefer the bottom half" lol, i'd like to say you had some truth in your answer but i'd just be lying to myself, it just sounded really..ignorant and rude lol...

  • Judith
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    4 years ago

    I think having medium sized boobs would be and are great. I don't exactly have huge ones but the size I do have is enough to be a pain and a hassle at times. But you would probably find some clothing easier to wear with smaller boobs. both sizes would have their ups and downs. Plus all guys are different not all of them want huge boobed girls. and it shouldn't matter what others think. I'm sure you have a lovely personality. and you should't stress, most women feel there's always something that they could improve but in the end they don't really have to.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Most guys love boobs that are good in shape. For me size of boobs dont matter a lot. A particular size may look good on a particular body and it may not look good on another. There is much difference between big and good shape boobs. If your boobs are small but you also have a body that would match your boobs size then that would be fine for me.

  • Danny
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    1 decade ago

    I don't really care for my small chest, but right now it's good because I'm a bit small in body size, and my chest is still growing. But once they're full grown I think a B at the biggest would be just fine. Besides, the smaller they are the better they'll look when you're older and gravity takes hold lol

    Enjoy your small chest, nothing wrong with a small chest.

    • Layla6 years agoReport

      My grandma i use to take care of had perky Cs so to say that is wrong i take care of older people that have big boobs that are perkier than some of the smaller breasts

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  • Al
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    1 decade ago

    I would say that you should leave them alone, be proud of what you have and work with them. I personally prefer a little smaller size. I see young ladies get the implants and after they for some reason just don't look normal to me(out of proportion), and they can give you problems later in life. I could tell you how I know this but some one would probably hit me with a ball bat.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Your boobs should be the right size for your body and look natural. I prefer smaller ones because big ones eventually sag, and fake ones look silly. Embrace your smaller size (I think most men prefer smaller ones over really big ones)

  • 5 years ago

    Honestly both small breasts and big breasts have there negative sides and positive sides , small breasts might not be that feminine but they make you look younger plus they don`t sag as much as big breasts do , and big breasts might become very saggy overtime but they are very feminine and lots of guys love them.I honestly think that being medium busted is awesome but in reality all bust sizes are beautiful and so are all body shapes . So remember no matter how small or big your bust is or how feminine your body is you are beautiful in your own way =).

  • 1 decade ago

    I think what matters for me is how far apart they are. If they're too far apart, then I don't like them.

    I prefer them closer together, of an average size between 32B to 34C ideally.

    Big boobs on small little bodies don't look good, same way small ones dont look good on big bodies.

  • 6 years ago

    I have really big boobs for my age and its a pain in the butt. i can't do sports properly, guys harrass me and i can't even walk down stairs without getting smacked in the face. so in my opinion, small boobs are so much better

  • 5 years ago

    Big boobs are great. About a DDD is best. As long as you're not fat and you've worn a bra regularly so they don't sag yah, the BEST

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