Small boobs versus big boobs?

Could you tell me which type of boobs you prefer and why?

thank u!!


im asking this so that I can have the personal opinion of everyone because Ive got small boobs and I wanted to see what people thought of them compared to big boobs which in my opinion are more sexy!!

Update 2:

so this means that I dont like my boobs becuase they are small if you get what I mean!! ¬.¬

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    I think it depends on your body frame. When you have a small body with big natural boobs, it's not always a good thing. Everything you put on will look sexy to the point of slutty when your friend of the same built with smaller boobs look normal and angelic. It is especially frustrating when you are shopping for an outfit to impress your bf's parents. Think Jenna or Pamela, even when they are wearing a suit or turtle necks, they are still very sexy, and sometimes it's not a good thing. If you are thinking of a boob job, think carefully. I am not against it, there are just too many oversized ones walking the street these days that do not fit the frame.

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    Big Boobs Vs Small Boobs

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    I think having medium sized boobs would be and are great. I don't exactly have huge ones but the size I do have is enough to be a pain and a hassle at times. But you would probably find some clothing easier to wear with smaller boobs. both sizes would have their ups and downs. Plus all guys are different not all of them want huge boobed girls. and it shouldn't matter what others think. I'm sure you have a lovely personality. and you should't stress, most women feel there's always something that they could improve but in the end they don't really have to.

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  • Aleta
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    4 years ago

    Mine are small and im 24 year old and yes sometimes i feel down and wish i had bigger ones but most of the time NO .. im getting older and so are my friends .. some of them got married and some have babies and some started to breast feed and i tell u their breasts look like "granny breasts" and they look older than their age plus .. having small breasts make u look slim unlike big ones that make a person look like a cow and like she gained weight trust me .. u might hate ur boobs now but when you're older thanks to gravity+ alot of sex+ birth control pills + pregnancy + breast feeding + age .. you'll be greatful and you'll always look slim and fit and you're gonna love them more i even asked men about their opinion about breasts .. most of them answered that they like "looking" at them and they're more of "butt" people than breasts .. the bottom half of the body matters the most to men than the top half i can go forever but i guess i should stop now cuz you're probably getting bored reading my long answer lol so which boobs do i prefer ? my small A-cup bunnies :)

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    I have c cups and i am a petite...The disadvantage of big boobs, i find it hard to move at times, and the hardest part is when it is getting bumped or touched near or during my period... OUCH! being stared at... no problem for me... The advantage it helps you get that hourglass figure, especially if you have a nice tushy... but if i had a choice i wish i had b cups...

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    I don't know why all of these people are hating on you asking this question. To answer their rudeness sometimes girls don't feel as confident when their boobs are small. I'm an "A" and I use to hate it but MY BOYFRIEND LOVES THEM JUST THE WAY THEY ARE!! Just don't go getting fake ones. That's not cool be all natural and they will be beautiful either way.

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    Smaller ones by far. honestly. not like flat chested though. Also it has to fit the girl, like small boobs on a petite chick is sexy, but would not be a larger girl. it'd just be un-proportioned. I guess they just need to fit your body

  • Well both of those and everything in between I guess. But sometimes the small ones are a turn on, but who doesn't like squeezing the big ones...

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